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[usp] Seven Years and Counting

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Post Posted: 05 Jul 2008, 17:31

Bought Unreal in 1998 after being seduced by a colourful advertisement in a PC mag bearing the slogan "Alter your reality... forever!". I wasn't able to play it properly, however, until I had got hold of a Voodoo2 and a RAM upgrade for what was then my Mum's PC.
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Post Posted: 05 Jul 2008, 17:35

I remember having a PC mag as well~ I'm not sure if it was PC Gamer or something else but it had a full two-page ad featuring the Nali Castle and some Krall guards with the slogan "It's so real, it's Unreal.".

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Post Posted: 05 Jul 2008, 21:44

My mag featured the picture of a black Nali in Harobed. Heh, it said that you were able to understand the Nali blablabla through your translator.

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Post Posted: 09 Jul 2008, 15:18

Hellscrag, good memory. DominatorNL... Can't believe I ever called myself that. Played a lot more UT online back in those days.

As for Unreal, I actually played after Half-Life. I had my first PC, which was crap, and no internet. After playing games like carmageddon, half-life and abe's oddyssee (great game btw) I wanted something else. I had heard about Unreal from magazines and a friend who said it was awesome. I bought it not expecting too much after the amazing half-life. But I was blown away after the first few maps, expecially the outside areas, which were way better than in Half Life. And the music... the Skaarj... :shock:
My PC wasn't up to it completely though so i spent a lot of my savings on a voodoo2 card and a ram update. I finished the game about ten times before i got internet.

And than i found this site... and wanted to know if Legacy was any good (my first post ever here) Played all the mappacks that have existed I think! :wink: :tup:
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Post Posted: 10 Jul 2008, 03:56

Bought Unreal in 1999 (late..I know). Up till that point the only game I'd really played was Quake. I remember being in a shopping mall video game store and looking about for something new as I was starting to tire a bit of the big Q. There it was on the eyes locked on it immediately. Those shots on the box....the jewel case front with Nali Castle and some review quote on the box that resd "R.I.P Quake" nailed it for me...the rest is history...i've never been quite the same since :lol:
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Post Posted: 17 Jul 2008, 00:26


Dad bought Unreal when it first came out, but he was unable to play it well because his computer was too slow (heh, and it was new). Eventually it found it's way in the closet for a few years before I got my hands on it.

I recognized the game, and dad even installed it, but it still ran slow on our machines, and it was using the software mode texturing filter. I then had (what was to me at the time) a bright idea. I could download the patch! I admit to being really new to the internet at that time. I don't remember the year, but it had to have been around my 9th or 10th grade years... so 2002 maybe.

The patch fixed it, and from then on, we played it on our then-new Nvidia TNT2 video cards with no problems. For my birthday shortly after, I got Unreal Tournament, and then registered here to help out with the BFNP project.

I didn't do much in the team I regret, but that's another story.


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