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Fantasy test || DmEpos (UMS Epos - map for Deathmatch)!!!

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Subject: Fantasy test || DmEpos (UMS Epos - map for Deathmatch)!!!

Post Posted: 24 Dec 2017, 10:29

ORIGINALLY POSTED BY Mr_S_ ON OLDUNREAL:;start=1;action=threadpagetext;reversetopic=0

Finally! In less than a year, I updated my DmOrbitalBase card to version 3.0! Now it's called DmEpos, because this is a restart. I tried very hard with the architecture and it turned out pretty nice, although in some places it began to work a bit slow.. Nevertheless this card is a certain test for my creativity, I really put a lot of effort into it. Based on all this, I must warn that the card should not be run on a weak computer, but if it is run, it should be run in software rendering. But I hope you still like what I created. Smiley

Download link:

File size: 131 mb

By Master (S)


My reply there:
Well. I'm pretty disappointed that mine will be the first comment on this one!

You made something awesome. Something Unreal.
Dope music accompanied with dope visuals. The whole station feels alive.
The way you see Na Pali under your feet.
I loved it. And I'd love to see more!

Gameplay screenies:

Screenies for OldUnreal/Wallpaper:

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