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[UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

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Subject: [UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

Post Posted: 30 Jan 2016, 00:41

I've made some more progress, mad shout out to Higor on UT99 for the help so far (wrote a SpriteManager and SpriteAnimation object). The project's next step is hand drawn sprites, a playable map, more camera clean up, and a new HUD.

> 2D sprite animation system, similar to Doom's system.
> New game type (RPG_Game), a stealth-platformer inspired by Xenogears, Solatorobo, and Metal Gear Solid 1.
> 3D camera that can be set via a scanning actor+zone detector, or via custom triggers.
> Custom pawn with a custom control scheme designed for 3D platforming.
> An interactable actor intended to shoot shootable triggers to activate events.
> A cannon actor that can also function as a turret.
> Level up/class items system *WIP*

External attached sprite actor for displaying sprite:

Super Mario 64-inspired camera (has been further modified since):

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Subject: Re: [UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

Post Posted: 06 Aug 2017, 01:27

Over a year later but it is time to bump this topic again. Check out the videos and junk above.

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Subject: Re: [UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

Post Posted: 06 Aug 2017, 06:23

It's a shame nobody has responded to this, because it looks like a lot of work has gone in to it - but with such a small community, I think it might be difficult to find someone who holds interest in such a mod. With a site like UnrealSP.org, you are more likely to get responses to "Normal" SP content. You should post about this over at the Ut99.org forums if you haven't already; they might be much more receptive to a mod like this.
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Subject: Re: [UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

Post Posted: 16 Aug 2017, 12:13


I come with a nice little screenshot and an update:

- Working on relative player rotation, or at least fine tuning it. Should be done now.
- Moving all player-related functions to a new actor: RPG_Controller. This way I have all my buttons on an abstract actor and I can use this for "menu" navigation to have a hidden player that can manipulate hud elements, simulating a UI that can be interacted with, without a mouse (arrow key navigation~).
- I have HUD stuff working now, but I need more fonts. Does anyone know where I can grab a Deus Ex font that is already adjusted to be able to work? I know that I have to take the 255th color and use it to make a border that can be read by the engine to register ASCII (I think) keys, but if one is already made I'd rather not put in the effort for a font. Otherwise I'll have to just take the exported texture I have and work on it a bit.
- Have been taking a break from the camera again but gonna put in some more work, namely smoothing out camera transitions.

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Subject: Re: [UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

Post Posted: 24 Apr 2019, 23:28

Mate, I registered to tell you how awesome your work is!

It's a shame only one person replied as it is totally mind blowing. I know the game is just a simple example but even that looks very impressive.

All the best to you and I really hope your did not stop working on it.

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Subject: Re: [UGold227i] RPGdev 0.0.4

Post Posted: 16 May 2019, 00:20

this looks pretty neat, shame it didnt seem to get much of a spotlight. I'd like to see it finished some day.

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