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15/08/2016 - "The Approaching Storm" by Kew

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Subject: 15/08/2016 - "The Approaching Storm" by Kew

Post Posted: 16 Aug 2016, 02:04

Map Title: The Approaching Storm
Author: Tim "Kew" Jervis
From: Illhaven Saga
Filename: Illhaven_5.unr
Music Files: QueenSong.umx

Video Playthrough:


Synopsis: The player enters a Nali village crawling with Krall.


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Subject: Re: 8/15/2016 - "The Approaching Storm" by Kew

Post Posted: 17 Aug 2016, 20:06

This is so tiny it's practically a cutscene map (and comprised of areas from map 3), it's just a transition to the epilogue.

Since it's really old I might make a better playthrough, but there's so little here I don't consider it especially important.
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Subject: Re: 8/15/2016 - "The Approaching Storm" by Kew

Post Posted: 21 Aug 2016, 11:09

It's almost a cutscene map but for one detail: those Krall Elite can be tough bastards (unexpectedly so, there's a huge bunch of them together if I remember correctly) if you decide to take them on! I remember I couldn't help myself exploring the whole map in case there was anything cool I might miss.

Beautiful sky and foreboding atmosphere - a good transition to the (relatively surprising) epilogue.

EDIT: I watched the available playthrough, one thing feels off: where's the big patrol of Krall Elite? It always came from below (where Map 3 had its entrance) and I remember those Krall sure weren't blind or deaf! It's like a trigger didn't work during the aforementioned playthrough - or the patrol is only triggered if you go to a very specific part of the level, and since the video shows a rather fast and somewhat unorthodox method of getting to the exit, it's possible the trigger was missed.
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