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Unreal religions and deities

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Post Posted: 13 Jun 2009, 01:17

Nali seemed to have a war-like past. Related to Dark Arena, Velora Pass, Titans and maybe Velora too.

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Post Posted: 13 Jun 2009, 04:08

Maybe there are different Nali cultures with different religious beliefs, just like what we find in our human world, rather than a single religious system that's uniformly adopted across Na Pali. And I would actually prefer that Epic left it open to our fancy what other gods and religions there might be besides Chizra and Co. I myself hope to create at some point a U1 map based on Indo-Tibetan themes, which will be meant to be to the Nali what Atlantis is to us humans -- a lost and forgotten city or temple.

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Post Posted: 16 Jun 2009, 23:33

{WINGS}Zombiehunter wrote:Yes but was it there before the Skaarj came or not.. since its mostly used to hang up the nalis on...

If you wanted to speculate where its origins come from assuming a fake anthropological point of view, then it probably arises through resemblance to the Nali form. Basically the Nali religious equivalent of a T pose.
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Post Posted: 19 Jul 2009, 08:18

Erm... An unoficial one is the God in my Tactics UT, where for the Nali Campaign you play as a Priest of Vizak, God of Vengeance. I'm also creating a new class of titan dor my mod, with ceremonial paint, that are his servants. And he has a nasty habit of throwing fireballs out of the sky... Also in TUT I have the nali gods able to use their full power inside their temples, but only give guidance outside.

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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 22 Jul 2013, 22:23

I am reviving this thread for the purposes of discussion since I am working out similar subject matter within the supplemental documents accompanying an upcoming campaign. Please forgive the thread necromancy. What I'm attempting is to make my own interpretation of the Gods of Good Lore and want to consider fan speculations/opinions before I move forward. This is all non-canon regardless, but many of you have put thought into this stuff as I have and I would like to take care not to tarnish the effort made by others inside their own campaigns.

What is Canon

The only confirmed god of good lore is Chizra. I do not believe Vandora is ever mentioned as such, though I've talked to fans that speculate that she stands amongst them. Velora is detailed even less, without so much as a mention of god status in the mother game (I believe). I could be mistaken here. All other Nali names mentioned in locations are up to speculation.

what is non-canon

Various campaigns detail their own gods. Mike (Hellscrag) has, to date, made more of an effort to detail deities, both old and his own, in ways bound to Unreal than most of us, but I know little of whether or not his gods were meant to be general deities or members of the "good lore" club.

As Mike said in the previous page, the notables:

Hellscrag wrote:Custom Map Packs

- Unnamed fire god. Could be retconned as my own creation, Ch'tharoth, as mentioned by UB.
- Kalish'ra, god of unspecified role with a massive temple

Deja Vu:
- Novana, God of Life and Fertility
- Somana, spirit of the stream (evidently a local deity)

Tashara's Cove
- O'Shatza, guardian god (dumb name; another local deity)
- Azure, spirit of justice

The Tower of Shrakith'a
- Shrakith'a, some kind of demon god


-Soquatre, the god of the night
-Talandri'n, goddess of lightning (possible Vandora alias?)

Nali Chronicles
-Gazra (nature god?)
-Zakaran (nature god?)
-Ezsmerhim (the first god)

Specifically, this is the association I am interested in for my own material. So what I'm look for is insight into how the gods are detailed in Unreal, things I may have missed, and prominent gods mentioned by users in profile campaigns. Hellscrag's post on the first page is a good example.

other names from Unreal/RTNP/Beta Material that may be deities in some form:

Jrath (PSX Unreal)
Droth (alleged from beta material, thanks to Del)
Tonatiuh (thanks to UB. Possible reference to battle or war)
Acerack (alledeged fire god purported to be themed in a missing Myscha map)

names of known locations with no other reference, placed here for consideration or for exclusion.

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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 22 Jul 2013, 23:21

That's excatly what I need.
First, I see you mentioned Gala.
Then, we can mention Eldora, Nagomi, Noork and Neve as well.
It looks they are point to the name of some important person, because they sounds like names to me, and as we know, we do the saame with streets,boulevards, places.
Then, if we are on topic with temples.
The nali could also build temples for the messiah, since they knew she will come one day, when the enemy is falling from the stars.

As for custom gods, I created one with the name of Vant'Ar who is the God of the Fauna. An invisible force surrounding us, and grow life(Flora) on the surface of this ball of rock. (Project Flora).

I'll act Velora as the two faced god of evil and good.
In my new upcoming campaign.
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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 22 Jul 2013, 23:38

There's the overlord god from Nali Chronicles, Ezsmerhim.

Here's an excerpt from the NC manual about him:
The Origin of nali
During the eternal night, Ezsmerhim dreamed
about Na Pali. Because it had to be the most wonderful
of His creations, He built an entire universe
around it and made of this world the central point
of this reality. He brought life to onto it, beasts on
upon its lands, fishes in into its oceans and birds
in into its skies. In this paradise, he created His
holy people which He called the Nali...

Also from NC is Gazra and Zakaran who both appear to be some form of nature gods.
There's also the God in Shamu Quest: Soquatre, the god of the night.

That's all I can think of...
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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 23 Jul 2013, 01:22

Yeah, don't forget Soquatre! <3 Shamuquest

also, I'm interested in the fact that you've mentioned "an upcoming campaign" rather than Residual Decay or Dead Cell specifically.
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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 00:52

- There's Droth (The Spawning Pools of Droth / Soledad) that counts in the beta material. This "Droth" may be a Dranoel A.I. just as Jrath is.

- in the RTNP Episodes, where I assist with the storyline matters, I painted Velora as an aggressive monotheistic person. In accordance with this, any Nali faithful to Velora will think of other deities as false gods or demons.

- As for the Nali past with the Skaarj and hence the crucifix question: the events of Unreal are set during the Second Occupation, with the first having happened 300 years ago (see: Prophet's Power novel). Also, there was an atheist, technology-embracing to the point of spacefaring, militaristic Nali society that divided from the main one a significant time prior to Unreal PSX, we meet them on one of the moons of Na Pali.

- ShamuQuest has a goddess of thunder, Talandri'n also, however this may be thought of as a local name to Vandora.
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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 25 Jul 2013, 23:40

I updated my post for considerations raised.

I don't think it's prudent at this time to reference mentions from packs that have been unreleased or even from fictions, be them fan made or novelizations. I say this because I'm tempted to make connections to packs like Firestorm, which is something I'd prefer not to.

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Subject: Re: Unreal religions and deities

Post Posted: 26 Jul 2013, 12:48

Aha! Just found out the ONP God of Fire's name:
Zai Got'h
It says so in the church on the first skyisland level ;)


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