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Nali Ghosts

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Subject: Nali Ghosts

Post Posted: 06 Jun 2013, 14:06

Nali Ghosts can be seen in places such as Castles and underground Ceremonial Chambers. Nali Ghosts are like everyday Nali that you see but the difference is that they have different powers such as going through walls, teleporting the player, and summoning items instantly. They are invunerable, and sometimes turn invisible in combat. Their appearance is transparent, sometimes you can catch them flying out of idols and graves. They are very helpful, you may find them in Chizra's Temple, Cellars at Dasa Mountain Pass, the Nali Castle, Na Pali Haven and Gateway to Na Pali in Unreal 1. Sometimes, as a quite uncommon bonus feature, when a Nali ghost finds you friendly it will show you a vision of what happend when the Nali was alive, and how it was killed.

It was copied from Liandri Archives.
What visions?!
"They let us go about our business here, but it is a farce. I know that they are watching us, controlling us. I believe that this once safe haven is as deadly as the surface planet below."

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Subject: Re: Nali Ghosts

Post Posted: 06 Jun 2013, 14:27

Probably eaten too much nali fruits.

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