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Post Posted: 25 Nov 2007, 02:45

That means the only way you play online is if you pay for a live service...
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Post Posted: 25 Nov 2007, 02:48

No, you can still freely join as a LIVE Silver member but with lesser features. A lot of people say it's still worth it of course. I simply got a trial for LIVE Gold but... I don't think I'm gonna use it - and no, I'm not giving it to anyone. :P

Oh... my... gawd. Even Crysis ain't save from BSP clusterfucks from hell. I can't seem to get over this area either. :? The cliffs just close in from all directions with no path out. This is the first level shortly after you find the dead Mexican nanosuit guy who came with you. I've played the demo so I know this part isn't supposed to look like this.


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