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phpBB question

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Nali Priest Nali Priest
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Subject: phpBB question

Post Posted: 13 Mar 2017, 13:35

Here's a question. How is phpBB in general as forum softwares go? Would you suggest it over the likes of Xenforo and (lol) Vbulletin? Any disadvantages to it?

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Subject: Re: phpBB question

Post Posted: 16 Mar 2017, 02:30

phpBB is honestly quite nice! The development is solid, it's open source, the community and devs are dedicated and 3.1 boasts a nice extension system for when you want to code your own additions. By now, the database of available 3rd-party extensions should have grown considerably. The current USP was set up when phpBB 3.1 was JUST coming out, and thus the article features etc. are all hand-coded by me, which is why they're obviously all broken.

Sadly I can't give you a comparison with XenForo or vBulletin as I never used anything but Woltlab Burning Board (ANCIENT software) and phpBB. I hear good things about XenForo, but IIRC it's paid? phpBB3 is, at least, fully free and open to everyone.
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