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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Subject: Greetings!

Post Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 02:34

Greetings, I am Doctor Walter! I have been browsing this forum for some time now and have decided to join the community. It seems my experience of the Unreal (& Tournament) Series has materialised in reverse order! Starting with UT2004 and then the original UT, I quickly found myself purchasing the very inception of this excellent series.
I'm currently in the process of actualising a singleplayer modification for Unreal Gold 227. It is not close to completion at this point in time, but makes for a pleasing side project amongst others.
Those of you from UT99.org may already be familiar with a recent project of mine known as "xWalterUTChars". For those unfamiliar, I will be posting that topic in the multiplayer section of the site later.

That is everything for now, see you around!

-Dr. Walter.
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Subject: Re: Greetings!

Post Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 06:46

Enjoy your stay here. Always good to see new faces around. :tup:
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Subject: Re: Greetings!

Post Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 17:55

Hi there!

Join date: 24 Aug 2014... Man, you have been in the queue for a long time. I apologize sincerely for the registration problems. D:

Now that you're finally in; enjoy your stay! It's gonna be fun to see the HL1 scientists' faces around the forums. Never gets old! :D
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Subject: Re: Greetings!

Post Posted: 07 Nov 2014, 07:09

Welcome aboard! I really liked what you made ;)
Deep cover GEcko!
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Subject: Re: Greetings!

Post Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 00:41

Very good to see you here Doc.
Indeed this is another site you can make good use of, and can make good use of you.
I would also recommend joining OldUnreal.com if you have not.
Don't let the name fool you, anything that is not the current version is "old", so they do include UT2004.

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