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Twitter Unreal

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Subject: Twitter Unreal

Post Posted: 05 Nov 2014, 22:29

I got bored with Twitter when I first got an account there but then I discovered there's a large roleplay community on the site, people interacting with character accounts. Lots of superhero and villains stuff, monsters, pokemon, etc. That's when the site kinda took off for me.

For a 1 week, about a year or so back, I did an RPG with some guys using Predator/Yautja accounts, I turned the tables on them and hunted them with @theSkaarj & @KrallWarriors... which turned out to be a lot of fun. Haven't done much with those since but I'm looking into it.

Mainly, as I run a few news accounts on twitter, I've been critiquing some other twits (all Twitter users are Twits) with @NewsOfTheSkaarj.

Does anyone else do anything fun with Unreal/UT in the Twitterverse?

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Subject: Re: Twitter Unreal

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