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Free professional music for horror mods and maps

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Subject: Free professional music for horror mods and maps

Post Posted: 20 Oct 2014, 14:51

A rather talented and prolific creator of commercial horror soundtracks, working under the guise of "Sam Haynes" has released a few freebies on soundcloud and Bandcamp \o/

This song is royalty free - you can use it however you like (please credit http://www.hauntmusic.co.uk)
Download more free songs at http://www.samhaynes1.bandcamp.com and use code HALLOWEEN to get 20% off all music and merch!

I asked him if he would think about selecting some freebies that loop nicely for maps and mods, and he is rather keen on the idea, as the games market is something he has been considering.

Mostly his stuff is aimed at films and horror shows, but is very suitable for maps and games, because he works to a chosen theme.
He makes music for all styles and eras of horror, from 1970s slasher retro, to "2291" sc-fi brain-eating aliens, he can fit the style.
If you like what you hear on one of his sites, and it is suitable for a map you are working on, leave a comment and let him know.
Perhaps an evil fairy god-mother, can grant you your wish ?
Other than that, anything labelled as free is currently available for fair use in non-commercial projects, as long as you credit.

He is not a newcomer to music, and under various famous (and infamous) names has been producing music for Dance-floors, DJs and radio since the 90s.
He now favours atmosphere and drama compared to storming the charts and dance-floor , and even though his mixes made pop more palatable, I much prefer this incarnation.
Yes, many of you have probably danced (or at least nodded in time) to several of his tracks over the years, and no I cannot say who he really is, or any of his other secret identities.

Some more examples of his current work.


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