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Looking for tech recommendations: Headset & Mouse

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Subject: Re: Looking for tech recommendations: Headset & Mouse

Post Posted: 26 Jan 2014, 09:04

well, another thing is... I disabled Mouse Acceleration on windows with a Mouse Fix. So I have more control in general now anyways, so the feeling of knowing I have a cheap mouse and I can out perform some really good players is a nice thing :D

It is what it is, and of course personal preference involved. But I too have had Razor, MadCatz, Logitech gaming mice within these last 8 years and I don't see much of anything to be impressed about. Though, they are still fine... I just don't enjoy throwing that kind of money away anymore. I value the great expense of a simple bit of hardware to be absurd, when you can still do as good with something that isn't top grade. But accuracy ratings don't lie, and it was all achieved with a $5.00 mouse :)

I hope that says it all...


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