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Looking for guys/girls with experiance on UDK - Coding - Mapping +

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Subject: Looking for guys/girls with experiance on UDK - Coding - Mapping +

Post Posted: 16 Mar 2013, 17:25

Hey guys ,

I know this not the right website over here for UDK developments.

I was looking for some old friends from Unreal back on those days, while i had in mind to ask them for my project and like why just ask here if there are any people willing to join my project.

If you have any experiance on the UDK or just like me experiance from the old unreal series, then you'r welcome to join my team.

I dont have any rush in this game project , Iam looking for some cool people to join me in workin on this .

Experiance on coding is required even if you have a little experiance on them . ( du to Weapon models) Any GUI skills are welcome or scaleform - 2.0 action script/flash )

I know lot of people here in Usp have good mapping skils , Any mapper is welcome if you know the basics and how to create a map with terain and if you can work from previews of photo'pictures or video footage ?

Also if you are stil a learning person your welcome to contact me or send me a pm

Iam creating a game that wil be free to play .

Operation fall gelb:
W'r back in Holland May 1940 , you wil see a view chapters from those days . Some area's in The Netherlands and probly it wil get expansion on parts in Belgium and France later. This wil also include SAS missions and Resistance action ( Afther caputulation)

Instead of Soviets or US army missions you'l see and follow Normal Dutch civilans that got in to the Army back in 1939 with the mobilisation up to 1942 and switch between them.

( this is a small explanation of the storyline) We start in the middel of the fight and get back in flashback back to 1939 and follow some characters trough those days) When w'r finished with the battle maps we wil start expanding them with new mappacks and missions ( when we get in to Beta and let the public play 'm to debug) . When ever we get this far , there could be 3 game plays, Singleplayer , Multiplayer coop , DM- TDM with capturepoints/zones . I am also thinking of when w'r at a moment to include also a part to play the german side , Ground infantry or German Fallskirmjagers ( paratrooper) Jump out of the Ju-52 near the Moerdijkbridges or the waalhaven ( Rotterdam) And Rotterdam city or even Den Haag . Unknown battles people might not even know from history books , Peelraamstelling ( Battle of Mill) ( later a village where in 1945 Canadian special armor troops had there recruits and trainings) ( patch with the kangarou on it ) . Dont forget the Grebbenberg ( near Arnhem/Utrecht).

The minority of this Small army kepth the german invasion on a big delay that even high ranked German officers had hard moments and thinking of failing ) Ground air defendses (AA) and Airman took 325 planes of the 1024 planes germany deployed out of the air or shot them down.. No country later have done this during ww2 in those view days. Du to That Holland wanted to keep Neutral , afther holding there conversation with Belgium and France to willing them to join the Allied side , the Defend line near germany to Belgium lagged with open gaps and even the had a good siegline of concrated bunkers and pillboxed .. the lagged on there amount of troops to cover them .( It stopped at the Belgium border with a open gap, Germany knew this and used this to send there armor trough) .
The small forces that where deployed managed anouch to hold the germans for a long time and managed some atacks to fail them .

Most of the people know that The surender (afther sending troops over to England ) and the delayed anouch to hold them till the Fort Holland line.. Till the Bombth Rotterdam to force Holland to surender. ( the even sended there first German fallskirm jagers with flowers for the queen) Only the failed . .

I wish i could explane you any more , IF kepth this silence for a while before launching a public topic :)

I have managed to find lot of historical information , from Personal names and ranks till even every time line what happened on what hour and from the first day till the latest . Also requested information on the Historical museum and ww2 collectors / Persons that even organise school trips to those places to inform them what happened and how it looked for the normal Dutch civilan to be sended over there and got in to the war during there days and du to age ( 18/19) year. ( the reopenend Pillboxes with Puppets in it and stuf like that with a story that the guide tells)

At this moment iam looking for some people that love unreal ed and to work on the unreal engine with a nice small team of good persons , share your information and willing to learn more.

If you are learning Ued or willing to , Have mapping skills , got any Coding skills ? We like to invite you in to our team.

- Coders/uscript -
* Willing to Help with Coding weapons in UDK
* An Helping hand in helping mappers to script there events if needed or required or share the info how to.
* A pre with Any skills kismet is nice to have .
* A pre if you know Animtree
* A pre if you have Experiance on HUD's or Menu's with GUI or Scaleform/flash
* Teamplayer and Loyealty ( Good communications with team members and willing to be a part of project team with a goal to finish a project).

* Ued knowlege
* Pre if you know UDK with kismet
*Willing to learn more in ued - UDK du to possibilities UDK supports
* Willing to work on Realism maps ( use photographs or video footage)
Open for your own ideas and open to share them

At the moment we have Modelers , if you have both of any of those skills please let us know :)

We dont have any website running at this moment. We use our own small communication trough skype , email and facebook. The site is stil underconstruction and wil take a while to get online. excuse for this :)

If i have your attention we like to get in touch with you !

with friendly regards ,


Ps' excuse if i mistyped something or spelling :/

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