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" The Saboteur " much better game than I thought.

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Subject: " The Saboteur " much better game than I thought.

Post Posted: 08 Oct 2012, 21:42

http://ve3d.ign.com/images/game/894260/ ... creenshots

http://ve3d.ign.com/images/fullsize/472 ... oncept-Art

It's probably banned in some countries or something, but this game really gives the feeling of being invaded.They use both color and black and white, as you run out of town (Paris) the scenery gradually fades to black and white the further away you get.

One level, it's at night, and most is in black and white, and they drop bombs on a house and buildings.As you run up the road the locals are shooting and the Germans (Nazi), flame throwers, and that house is like a major orange blaze and blown up from bombs on fire.
Has Zeppelins and a light beam pointing down, such ominous scenes, and is for adults, not dumbed down at all.
Sort of like being in a movie, and relentlessness of that whole war.

It may be like GTA, but is waaaaay better as the stories and checkpoints (missions) blend into the game so well and is not like GTA or Mafia 1.0

I am just starting to get back into it, and it's gets better, much better than I thought, is not like GTA at all, but is the same type of open world game.

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