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Screenshot from "The chronicles of spellborn"

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Subject: Screenshot from "The chronicles of spellborn"

Post Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 22:02

Was looking at some screenshots of this upcoming game, and I'm guessing at least one of the mappers have played Unreal 8)

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Post Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 22:07

Eh wtf, or maybe some of the mappers there released some of Unreal maps at past? Would be good to look who works for the game.

Skaarj Lord Skaarj Lord
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Post Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 22:55

Hourences is working on it.

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Post Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 22:56

UE3's Fury got Sky Islands as well.

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Post Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 23:27

wael wrote:Hourences is working on it.

and i remember AngelHeart too :)

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Post Posted: 30 Dec 2007, 23:40

What about Nozzem? Nobody remembered him? :P
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Post Posted: 01 Jan 2008, 00:20

A LOT of Unreal community mappers worked on that game, so no surprise it has tarydium in it :P

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Post Posted: 01 Jan 2008, 03:00

Tarydium is never complete without Nali and Skaarj. :( At least Nali. 13337 mappers galore.

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Post Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 12:03

I would love to play this game, but I'm against pay-per-time games so I will have to skip this one...

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