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Subject: Re: Unreal Development Kit Section

Post Posted: 15 Jun 2012, 01:51

Well, Tim sweeny seems to have a strong compsci background. I've seen some lectures of his where he talks about dependant typing, static contracts, higher order functions, kind systems, monads and other highly abstract stuff from the realm of lambdas and turing machines. He obviously knows his shit and if he had anything to do with kismet I reckon it's extremely powerful. I'm guessing it's a different paradigm to the very imperative/OO Unrealscript. It looks more like some sort of declarative reactive/dataflow programming from what I've seen. The chance of bugs popping up is probably much lower in kismet, while sacrificing almost no expressive power.

I honestly prefer declarative and abstract languages over the more mainstream C#, Cpp, Unrealscript, java, imperative OO affair (although i do have a spot in my heart for C and fortran). I'll take Lisp, haskell and smalltalk over the competition any day. HOWEVER I'm a stubborn bugger and don't want to code in a language where you can't see the code :P Kismet requires you to use your mouse, hence my touch typing is useless. Therefore no kismet for me, regardless of how amazing it (probably) is. I really should look further into it though :P to back up my fuzzy opinions and whatnot
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Subject: Re: Unreal Development Kit Section

Post Posted: 11 Nov 2012, 04:51

So the latest build for UDK came out recently.

It includes a new feature in the installer executable that allow for developers to either install UDK with the sample UT3 assets included, or instead to install a stripped version of the UDK without any pre-made packages, other than a new package designated specifically for the project (which you can name during installation and such). For learners, the old version was pretty useful. For development, I can see the appeal of starting off with basic functionality and bare packages in an install in order to build a game from the ground up. This also allows you to make multiple projects at once, if you had any reason for such a thing.

I'll also note a few earlier versions of the UDK, the Preforce subversion system has been included and integrated into the UDK.

I really want to start coding/learn how to code soon. This stuff is really appealing.
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