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Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

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Subject: Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

Post Posted: 06 May 2009, 06:52

Back in the old days Nalicity was the center of my map downloading and I remember I had many beautiful maps of great BSP artistry. Now I am looking again to download a bunch of the nicest looking maps but need some leads where to find them with the least amount of sifting through garbage. All I have at the moment are BU and Insite to look through, do you guys have any suggestions?

I am a bit obsessive with collecting screenshots of nice maps and am going through the custom Unreal 1 maps already. In addition to the nice sentimental value of the maps BSP art is unique and I want to preserve a lot of it on my hard drives so it wont be lost.

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Subject: Re: Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

Post Posted: 12 Aug 2010, 04:25

The spam bot has the answer :B

Either way, I'm surprised no-one answered your inquiry. I would advise you to go to the Custom Map Reviews section of UnrealSp.org (here: http://www.unrealsp.org/community/reviews.html); pretty much anything worth mentioning is listed there. Just browse the UT things out, if you're not interested. Another very good site with loads of downloads is http://www.oldunreal.com (you can check two sections - Downloads and Usermaps). Make sure to check that out as well. That is as much as I'm aware of :)
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Subject: Re: Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

Post Posted: 30 Sep 2010, 00:18

i'm not sure if they're really considered high quality, but I usually just go to mapraider. if you haven't gotten it already theres a community map pack for ut1 - http://www.mapraider.com/maps/?fileid=4541

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