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Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

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Pupae Pupae
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Subject: Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

Post Posted: 06 May 2009, 06:52

Back in the old days Nalicity was the center of my map downloading and I remember I had many beautiful maps of great BSP artistry. Now I am looking again to download a bunch of the nicest looking maps but need some leads where to find them with the least amount of sifting through garbage. All I have at the moment are BU and Insite to look through, do you guys have any suggestions?

I am a bit obsessive with collecting screenshots of nice maps and am going through the custom Unreal 1 maps already. In addition to the nice sentimental value of the maps BSP art is unique and I want to preserve a lot of it on my hard drives so it wont be lost.

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Subject: Re: Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

Post Posted: 12 Aug 2010, 04:25

The spam bot has the answer :B

Either way, I'm surprised no-one answered your inquiry. I would advise you to go to the Custom Map Reviews section of (here:; pretty much anything worth mentioning is listed there. Just browse the UT things out, if you're not interested. Another very good site with loads of downloads is (you can check two sections - Downloads and Usermaps). Make sure to check that out as well. That is as much as I'm aware of :)
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Subject: Re: Good Source for High Quality UT1 Maps/Reviews?

Post Posted: 30 Sep 2010, 00:18

i'm not sure if they're really considered high quality, but I usually just go to mapraider. if you haven't gotten it already theres a community map pack for ut1 -

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