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Post Posted: 17 Mar 2009, 21:44

UBerserker wrote:To be honest, Hostile reminds me of TCO with all the jungle/swamp/fog stuff. But it does a good job at reminding me of Na Pali.

MY WORDS!!!! I could really swear Epic saw those TCO Screenshots somewhere and decided then to let look Hostile a little bit like .. how it looks now.
"Aha, those guys think Napali Swamp/jungle environment looks like this..ok lets do it like those fanguys did, so we can not do that much wrong" :D
Waffnuffly wrote:Holy shit a HOUSE-SIZED BOX


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Post Posted: 17 Mar 2009, 22:08

This thread belongs in Multiplayer Matters
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Post Posted: 18 Mar 2009, 01:59

Time for Kaka & Co. to sue Epic? :P
there's more

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Post Posted: 05 Apr 2009, 21:51

This map looks pretty good without the post-processing filters turned on.

The gameplay is utter shit, though. This map sucks hardcore; the blue team can win in minutes every single time, and the red team has to fight tooth and nail just to get ahold of the prime node if they don't blitz in there and capture it as soon as the game starts. Also, the blue core has to be destroyed normally, while the red core blows up instantly if the blue team holds an "uplink node" outside the red base for 30 seconds, which is trivial once you get more than a few defenders on that node.

Shame, because the map looks pretty nice. They even threw in Slith and Titan sounds from Unreal, but did kind of a poor job of that, too. Instead of sounding like they are in the distance, you can hear sounds coming from what seems like right next to you, and you hear the "attack" sounds, too, which is silly.

Anyway, skip this map. It sucks. Pretty much every other UT3 Warfare map kicks massive amounts of ass, though; even the stock ones. I really like Power Surge with 32 players; you wind up having some majorly intense battles between the two prime nodes. :)

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Post Posted: 06 Apr 2009, 09:55

Gameplay of this map really sucks, I completely agree with Waff here.
Na Pali theme is quite good here, IMHO. Not just sounds, but the overall design is pretty nice, except colors of course. I used Blossom mutator to disable desaturation, because colours were dim.
Wooden bridge is great, and it looks like it really can be made by Nali.
Overall, I have more positive impressions about this map than negative.

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Post Posted: 06 Apr 2009, 11:54

I haven't played UT3, but from the screenshots it isn't that Na Pali like, except for the 6-armed crucifix.

But Na Pali is a huge planet, and this could be set elsewhere on the planet, or a hundred years or so after the original Unreal is set.

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Post Posted: 06 Apr 2009, 15:29

Not to mention it's overrun by Necris now, that's why the atmosphere changed a bit.

There are better WAR maps such as Downtown and Cold Harbor.


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