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Upcoming Skinning Contest

Posted: 02 May 2020, 22:20
by evilgrins
Mostly on the random I suggested a skinning contest over in and it was rapidly hailed as a great idea.

Currently fleshing it out ยท

Re: Upcoming Skinning Contest

Posted: 08 May 2020, 19:35
by ividyon
your skins should be made specifically for the default UT models: Nali, Male Soldier, Male Commando, Warcow, Skaarj Hybrid, Female Soldier, Female Commando, & Boss.

evilgrins, you have had 9 years on this website to absorb some basic "fine print" on what forum exists for what content.

Project Presentation: For discussion and promotion of Unreal Engine single-player campaigns, mapping projects and total conversions.

Your resilience in posting every single thread you create in the wrong place continues to impress in all the wrong ways.

This never was a UT99 multiplayer site, and all the content you've posted here is exclusively focused around that. Please keep to the Multiplayer Matters subforum.