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Mapping Contest at ut99.org 2016

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Subject: Mapping Contest at ut99.org 2016

Post Posted: 05 Oct 2016, 17:19

Hey everyone, a mapping contest has just started over at ut99.org!

The 2016 ut99.org 3072uu Mapping contest

The Prize

Thanks to Carbon, a Korean edition big box UT or the official Unreal strategy guide will be the prize (winner will pick his prize)

The Rules

• The whole map has to fit inside a 3072x3072x3072uu (unreal unit) cube, this includes the main playing area, the skybox, and any decorational or other purpose areas.
• Regular gametypes (DM, DOM, CTF, AS)
• Must have a batch texture MyLeveled and put in the map somewhere (batch coming soon, please stand by)
• Map prefix should be -3072- (like DM-3072-mapname or AS-3072-mapname etc.)
• Map Screenshot, Bot-Support and Music (at least a MyLeveled blank.umx) are recommended.

Contest time

From October 5th to November 10th.


The maps will have a public voting poll to ascertain the Gamers Choice. But also a separate vote of all the participants to determine the winner of the contest. The mappers can vote for others but not for his own map. This will be explained in details later in the Vote threads.


The Submissions have to be posted here in the contest thread. Contest map should be submitted in a .zip, .rar or .7z archive file without password protection.
The archive file should contain the map, a screenshot, a readme text file with any required credits. Packages can be MyLeveled if you want.

That's it. Let the Mapping begin. :)


If you're interested, here's the contest thread: https://ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11751

Good luck! \o/
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