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UT2004 LAN Tournament - Beta 1

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 19:48
by AlCapowned
Name: UT2004 LAN Tournament
Version: Beta 1

This mod is a direct adaptation of UT2004's single player mode, made to be playable in multiplayer LAN games. It's not perfect, but playing through the whole campaign has been fun.

Here's how it works:
-The host creates or loads a profile, and then starts a game in a designated lobby map
-Other players join, and then the host manages the bots and chooses which match to play
-Once the match ends, everyone goes back to the lobby map

What features are working:
-Profile creation, saving, loading, and exporting
-Ladder progression, including Qualification, Team Qualification, and the main Ladder mode.
-Arena switching
-Team management (hiring, firing, injury, and healing)
-Hiring team members during the Qualification ladder is free
-Credits system (paying wages, winning/losing money, and getting money from a sponsor should you lose too many games)
-Loading screens
-Last Match Played, Opponent Teams, and Other Tournament Matches menus
-Teams have their respective icons during matches
-Players are automatically put on blue team as long as PlayersBalanceTeams is set to false

What features aren't working:
-Mutator support
-Bloodrites (you can challenge a team, but you can't take their team member)
-Random challenges and events
-For a full list, see Known Issues.


-Beta 1.0: Initial release

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Known issues:
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