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(STABLE VERSION 1) GiveMeItems!, a mutator for UT99

Posted: 27 Jul 2014, 00:36
by jaypeezy
GiveMeItems! Stable Version 1

What is this?
A personal project of mine, hardly a new concept but something I wanted to try and implement in an attempt to learn GUI and mutator programming for Unreal Tournament. Rather than making changes to an .ini file, the player can add the items they wish to have monsters drop through an in-game window. This is meant to work for gametypes and mutators which feature monsters. Those changes are committed without having to close out the game.

UPDATE: I'm glad to say I can release something that is solid enough, and that has plenty of the features I intended to add that will make it easy and fun to use for us players. I hope you enjoy it!

Some of the features:

  • 24 slots which the user can use to specify items to be dropped.
  • Choose how often items added through GiveMeItems are removed from the game.
  • Slots are filled in through GUI drop-down lists, which also double as text-entry fields.
  • Default Unreal Tournament inventory (weapons, health, etc.) provided in drop down menus.
  • Recognizes custom packages inventory items, when a user enters the summon string in the text-entry fields (double-click the drop-down fields to enter text).
  • Custom package entries are saved for later use; no need to memorize, simply find them in the drop-down menus!
  • Evaluation of user input; invalid or improperly spelled items are not added to the game.
  • Ammunition suggestion: When custom package weapons are detected, GiveMeItems will suggest the name of the ammo item used by such weapons.
  • Randomized default items: Randomly select default Unreal Tournament items for all slots on a page.
  • Clear Custom Entries: Unused custom entries can be cleared, if so desired.

Features I would like to add in the future:

  • Detect and provide listings of custom .u packages and their items.
  • Specify whether items are dropped for monsters, bots, or both.

Where can I get it?
Here! (Click here for link to the files)

Simply drag the .int and .u files into your 'UnrealTournament\System' directory. Then, in game, select "GiveMeItems!" from the 'Mutator' section when setting up a practice match.

You can set the specific items to be dropped in the configuration window for GiveMeItems, found under the 'Mod' drop-down list in the main menu. For example, in one of the blank spaces, you can enter 'unreali.rifle' to have a rifle dropped, or 'botpack.healthvial.' (Whatever the summon string would be for that item, but only the item's portion) You can also set how often the items dropped by killed monsters will be removed from the level.

Thanks to:
The developer of W.O.R.M., who paved the way for someone like me to even begin learning how to code GUI's in UnrealScript. Based on this ModDB page, I attribute that person to be Kangus.

Shivaxi and Bleeder99, two contributors to Unreal whose own work I've enjoyed and been inspired by. They've helped me out many times for other issues, such as setting up a server, and have generally been fun people to play Unreal with - we mustn't forget the reason we're all here!

And, lastly, to contributors at, who have been helpful as well, specifically regarding the mechanism involved in removing items in-game, which was a pain in the neck at one point.

Re: GiveMeItems!, a mutator in development for UT99

Posted: 27 Jul 2014, 16:59
by bob
adding GUI sections for these existing mutators isn't possible, since their source code has been removed or obfuscated.

keep in mind tho that you can build your gui against a dummy .u file. the ini files present all the config parameters and vars , all you need to do is create a dummy file with matching classes and declarations , build you ad-don gui using that , then replace the dummy file with the original mutator .

Re: GiveMeItems!, a mutator in development for UT99

Posted: 30 Jul 2014, 08:29
by medor

Can you past a GiveMeItems.ini example with classic ones items for UT ?

Re: GiveMeItems!, a mutator in development for UT99

Posted: 31 Jul 2014, 07:19
by jaypeezy
medor: No problem! The .ini file has been added to the directory, which I'll link below. It's items are all initialized to 'botpack.healthvial.'

Link to .ini file.

Let me know if anything else is required!

General: I finally got around to posting source code, in case anyone was curious as to how the whole windowing thing is done, or if you just wanna see the code. Link to source code: Source Code files.

Re: GiveMeItems!, a mutator in development for UT99

Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 10:38
by medor
Working fine.

In the download file "" the int and ini files are altered with a word pad or other pad+ so I can see squares instead of spaces and no returns lines up.

Re: (STABLE VERSION 1) GiveMeItems!, a mutator for UT99

Posted: 25 Aug 2014, 02:08
by jaypeezy

Check out the original post of this thread for updates on the latest version, Stable Version 1, now released for your enjoyment!