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Nali Weapons 3 Final - Release

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Subject: Nali Weapons 3 Final - Release

Post Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 23:02

Here it is, the public release of Nali Weapons 3 Final:


Download: (choose one of them, they're the same in different formats)
ZIP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/s2f4g ... 3Final.zip
UMOD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/618w3 ... l_UMOD.zip

Redirect files (for redirect servers only): http://www.mediafire.com/download/3ahqc ... direct.zip

As the name implies, this is the last release of the series and there won't be another one, as I am moving on to do something else (semi-UT related).
So, have fun :)

Change log:

- New weapon: The Oversurrector
- New extreme gore system
- New skill points system (for stylish and other kinds of frags)
- New replacer options to change specific properties from weapons after the replace
- New replacer list: default items (similar to default weapons, but to give things like armor and other kinds of inventory instead on respawn)
- Ability to give different weapons between teams
- Cybot Arena
- Bolt Rifle Arena
- Option to turn off the screen shake system
- Ability to configure 3 slots for modifiers in all weapons
- Mutator to be able to modify any properties from any weapon, such as respawn time, ammo respawn time, ammo amount, damage and firerate
- Armor absorption percentage option
- Jump boots jump height option
- U-Damage damage multiplier option
- Individual “RegenAmmoPerSec” settings per weapon
- Command “nwdetail N” to be able to load any detail profile during a game in progress
- Option for decals to stay forever or during a fixed amount of time
- Added menu entries to toggle the weapon and other items chargers and their team colors
- Added menu entries to tweak the weapon and other items multi-replacement methods
- Added internal setting to define stating weapons (to fix priority problems in arenas)
- Option for custom chargers to stay rotating
- Added description to mutators
- Added client option to adjust the pickups coronas brightness
- New nuclear explosions option: ability to damage normal actors
- Added alpha rendering to crosshairs (so crosshairs are always visible even in bright zones)
- Added setting so to when using The One modifier the last slot does not get automatically locked
- Added a new “Nali Weapons 3” server browsing tab to only list NW3 servers
- Added a friendly fire option
- Added setting so the random spawn of modifiers guarantees at least one modifier of each kind to be spawned
- New Bolt Rifle option: combo damage
- New Super Bolt Rifle options: enable combo ability, projectile damage, combo damage, alt-fire mode firerate and max number of projectiles
- New Graviton options: flying ability speed multiplier, throw damageable time, smash shake toggle and smash min speed
- New The Miner option: max mines per player
- New I.R.P.R. options: green scope overlay toggle, thermal view toggle and beam visibility toggle
- New Cybot Launcher options: max cybots per player, health options, lifespan options and projectiles speed scale

Changes and enhancements

- Moved the NaliWeapons section to the NWeaponsCfg.ini file
- Moved the NaliPickups section to the NWExtrasCfg.ini file
- Moved the NuclearExplosions section to the NWNuclearCfg.ini file
- All packages are now named as “NW<package>VIII.u” instead of the previous “NW<package>V3.u”
- Changed the main replacer default settings so it could replace weapon subclasses
- Changed the detail profile “Please have mercy” to have even lower detail
- Graviton now handles better online and players now get smashed if launched at high speeds (configurable)
- Reduced W.R.E. shot hit kickback
- Disabled the “hold lock with alt-fire” option by default in the MultiMissile Launcher, and instead improved the locking
handle and reduced the time it takes to lock and keep, so now locking feels much more natural and practical
- Disabled the “Denied” message by default from nukes
- Changed some damage types on weapons
- More navigation points are now taken into account to evaluate the true dimensions of a map in the replacer
- Changed some settings in the Super Bolt Rifle replacement: when it replaces a Super Shock Rifle, it will obbey the weapon stay rules of the game,
and when it replaces the Redeemer, its ammo becomes limited
- If the client enters a NW3 server and does not have the mod installed, the client settings defined in the server are applied to that client
- The Super Bolt Rifle arena mutator no longer replaces the pickups by NW3 ones, instead it eliminates them all (like in a normal instagib match)

Bug fixes

- Fixed typos and some grammar mistakes (in menus and messages)
- Fixed all the menu settings which didn't work upon being changed
- Fixed crash with Megaton password card
- Fixed glitch where some dropped weapons would still have some firing effects playing after being picked up
- Fixed all loop crashes
- Graviton flying ability now works properly
- Fixed Graviton using 1 ammo when starting to spin
- Fixed MultiMissile lock staying when it automatically changed down to a A-Missile or normal rocket
- Fixed X-Missile debris generating massive water laggy splashes
- Fixed debris not spawning online from some lower level nuclear explosions
- Fixed jump boots air control not being reset always when they expired
- Fixed NWBoltRifleV3.expl.empExpl sound crash in Linux systems
- The Redeemer is now seen as a super weapon in the Monster Hunt mutator, and therefore won't regenerate its ammo
- Added a self-loaded mutator to fix the weapon kill messages
- Fixed glitch where the mapvote would always request to rebind the keys at the start of the match
- Fixed some occasional “accessed none” and “out of bounds” errors in the log
- Fixed a potential exploit in the ZP system (nothing to really worry about, just a tiny detail)
- Fixed blood decals in fog zones
- Fixed spam of ZP enabled message when changing the client menu settings
- Fixed shake FX system to not view inside BSP (in bigger shakes)
- Fixed Super Bolt Rifle not working when the FireDelay was set to 0
- Fixed localization of the text of the menu items so they can be translated
- Fixed effects not following the Invisibility pickup when it was dropped
- Fixed dropped modifiers not being able to get picked up and spawning chargers when they shouldn't[/spoiler]

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Skaarj Warlord Skaarj Warlord
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Subject: Re: Nali Weapons 3 Final - Release

Post Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 23:19

Holy. Crap.


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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Subject: Re: Nali Weapons 3 Final - Release

Post Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 00:48

SteadZ wrote:Holy. Crap.


In-game is it even more impressive :D

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