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UT99.org 48 hour Speedmapping Contest

For discussion of anything relating to multiplayer gameplay in the Unreal series, including co-op.

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Skaarj Warlord Skaarj Warlord
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Subject: UT99.org 48 hour Speedmapping Contest

Post Posted: 27 Dec 2013, 08:35

Figured I'd Crosspost this here, if anyone's interested. DM, CTF, DOM and and MH categories, 48 hours, make a post when you start mapping for tracking time.

papercoffee wrote:)[48 hours speed mapping contest](

There is no prize, this is just a fun contest for bragging rights and pats on the back. The main goal to hopefully
make a bunch of new maps for the UT community, and have some fun while doing it. The real winners of these
contests is the players, because they get some new maps to frag in. The submitted maps will be included in a
map-pack following the contest.

Screw this! This competition is for "who has the longest ...nose".

48 hours starting on December 27.
-When exactly will it start? On which time zone?
Easier then peeing on a electric fence.
You write here in this thread a start post when you start mapping and a submission post when you are finished with your map

1. DM, MH, CTF, DOM game type - Maps must be runnable in ut99 and should be playable online.

2. Custom content allowed - credits must be included in a maps readme file if there are terms of re-use by original authors. A UT99.org contest banner graphic will be provided, and should appear in the map somewhere.

3. The theme is free of choice.

4. Maps must be named using the prefix "48SC" to identify them as contest maps. "48SC" stands for "48 hours speed-mapping contest" .
Example map names: MH-48SC-YourMapName, CTF-48SC-YourMapName, DM-48SC-YourMapName

The maps will have a voting poll for "best DM", "best CTF", "best MH", and "Best overall" map.

Mappers can submit more than one map if they want to. this can be high-poly or low poly if they want, whatever you
can do in 48 hours.

The Submissions have to be posted here in the same thread as the "start-mapping" post.
If you took longer then 48 hours will the map lose 2 points in score (the points of the poll)

Contest map should be submitted in a zip or rar archive file. Archive file must contain the map, a screenshot, a readme
text file with any required credits, and any other required packages (utx, umx, uax, u, etc). Packages can be MyLeveled
if you want.

That's it


This post will be adjusted if there are any changes during the contest, for example: the participating mappers or slight differences.


-DeathoX 8

PLEASE do not discuss the Rules here ... use this thread please.

The official Batch for this contest.
I hope I didn't screw it up again ...

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Skaarj Elder Skaarj Elder
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Subject: Re: UT99.org 48 hour Speedmapping Contest

Post Posted: 28 Dec 2013, 02:04

This looks like a cool idea, would probably knock something up if it wasn't for my Christmas illness (and other unconvincing excuses).
Still, it'll be nice to see what everyone else creates. \o/

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Subject: Re: UT99.org 48 hour Speedmapping Contest

Post Posted: 29 Dec 2013, 23:34

Neat stuff
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Subject: Re: UT99.org 48 hour Speedmapping Contest

Post Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 01:21

zacman forgot to post the finished maps.
Sad ...but only 4 maps are included.


papercoffee wrote:Yeah finally !!!
sorry I'm a lazy bum.

Here is it:

It was a fun contest and we got some really cool maps.
I never could imagine what is possible to create in 48 hours.
As I said it in the other thread ...you are my heroes !! :P

As Bonus do we have Feralies map which is stuffed with really great new thingies ...and best of all ...it's free to use for everyone.

except for Kaal.


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Subject: Re: UT99.org 48 hour Speedmapping Contest

Post Posted: 07 Mar 2014, 20:59

Ah well better late than never.

Feralis bonus map, really is a bonus. It would have easily won if it was entered.
I've been playing it in Unreal with added EFX. Sounds great, but I can't use NW3 or Chaos.

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