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[UT] Console HUD

Posted: 04 May 2013, 18:18
by AlCapowned
Thanks to GEx for testing!

This small pack includes the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 HUDs for Unreal Tournament. They are not completely accurate (I couldn't get the font to work properly), but they're pretty close. A set of crosshairs are also included.


Console HUD 1.0 for Unreal Tournament by AlCapowned
You might want to turn word wrap on.


Title : Console HUD
Release Date : May 4th, 2013
File Name :
Author(s) : AlCapowned
GEx (testing)
E-mail Address : totalalcapownage(at)gmail(dot)com
Web Page : None

1) Description

This is a small pack of two mutators and four crosshairs. The mutators replace the player's default HUD
with either the Dreamcast or Playstation 2 HUD, depending on which mutator you choose.

2) Changelog
1.0: Initial release

3) Requirements

None, aside from Unreal Tournament.

4) Basic Installation
Extract the ConsoleHUD.u and to your Unreal Tournament's System folder. If you want the HUD to be more authentic, change
your HUD to be white and disable the weapon bar.

To use the crosshairs, open your User.ini file and search for [Botpack.ChallengeHUD]. Under that, there should be a list of crosshairs.
Add these:

...without quotes to four of the CrossHairs[#] entries, and make sure CrosshairCount is set to 20.

5) Server installation

To use the model and voice pack, add the following lines to your UnrealTournament.ini file,
underneath the "[Engine.GameEngine]" heading:


6) Known Issues

1. Custom gametypes are not supported.
2. The original console font is not used.

7) Credits and copyright
Big thanks to GEx for testing!

Original textures by Epic Games

Unreal (c) and the Unreal logo are the registered trademarks of Epic Games,
Inc. Distributed under license by GT Software, Inc. All other (c) logos and
trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this pack, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money. If you paid money for this,
you got ripped off.

You MAY distribute this pack through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive

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Re: [UT] Console HUD

Posted: 04 May 2013, 18:48
by UBerserker
Good job you two! :tup:
Will see how it works

Re: [UT] Console HUD

Posted: 04 May 2013, 19:04
by AlCapowned
Just so you know, the two HUDs are almost identical, except their frag counters look slightly different.

Re: [UT] Console HUD

Posted: 04 May 2013, 19:14
by UBerserker
Nice overall. Thing: don't put CrosshairCount on 20 if you have only 13 of them, otherwise in the preferences menu you'll scroll throughout empty crosshair textures which looks stupid!

Too bad there's no way to show the coloured weapon name on the bottom of the screen :< (I think?)