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"Split-Sceeen" in UE1 Games

For discussion of anything relating to multiplayer gameplay in the Unreal series, including co-op.

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Pupae Pupae
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Subject: "Split-Sceeen" in UE1 Games

Post Posted: 31 Mar 2013, 08:12

Ok this info ist old and i have no clue if someone will use it here but it works :p so here u go

Ok this trick use one wird thins in UE1 games , i dont know why but windows send input from joystick to inactive UE1 game . So you can control the game on joystick even when the window isnt active .

This littletutorial will allow you to use this trick :

1. Install any unreal engine game you wan to play , and connect any controler you want to use .
I prefer dual analog for using with this .
2.Then go to System and run a game , change the video options and change that game will run in window mode .
3. Make a buckup of folder System in game directory and rename it to "System - 2nd"
4. Go to "System - 2nd" and rename the .exe file etc Unreal.exe to Unreal - 2nd.exe
(renaming .exe file will allow you to run game 2 times on ona PC)
5. Start Unreal - 2nd.exe open console and ender "preferences"
6. In Advenced Options go to Advenced -> Raw Key Bingins
Ok and now you have to check witch axix are wich , command you want to use on axis are :

Axis aLookUp speed=-0.2 (for looking up/down)
Axis aturn speed=0.2 (for turning)
Axis astrafe speed=2 (for streafing)
Axis aBaseY speed=2 (for moving forward/backward)

Now go down until you will find JoyR to JoyZ this are you axis now enter the command and check if you applay correct command to correct axis , if you want to invert looking simply enter "-" before speed etc "-0.2"

If the axis all configurate correctly then do some button mapping , the best thing ist that you can edit Advencet Options on the fly with game running and chceck the configuration ok and remamber to add somwhere on joystick "open" this will allow you to join to the local host .

On now when everything ist ready simply fo to System and run Unreal.exe , then go to System - 2nd and run Unreal - 2nd.exe on the first Unral start the multiplayer game and join from the second one

Ok thats all i think . You can use any UE1 game , i personal have tested MobileForces , Rune , Unreal , UnrealTournament , X-COM Enforcer and all game have been working like a charm .

ps.Sry for my english :p

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Subject: Re: "Split-Sceeen" in UE1 Games

Post Posted: 01 Apr 2013, 22:06

That's actually kinda cool. the technique might even be portable to a second keyboard and mouse (though typically OS support for multiple pointers is non-existant...)
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Subject: Re: "Split-Sceeen" in UE1 Games

Post Posted: 01 Apr 2013, 22:12

It would be easier just to have 2 Separate Computers and Host a Lan Game especially for Deathmatch cause I hate when people look at my screen to see where I am at.

White Tusk White Tusk
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Subject: Re: "Split-Sceeen" in UE1 Games

Post Posted: 01 Apr 2013, 23:19

I'm doing a split screen game... And it's working fine on a one computer, one instance of Unreal, and one keyboard...

Pupae Pupae
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Subject: Re: "Split-Sceeen" in UE1 Games

Post Posted: 17 Apr 2013, 16:28

I make this to allow people play in coop mode (rune and unreal , rtnp) or in 2on2 matches with 2 pc (mobile forces ,ut) u can play on multi display (if had one ut running on my 22" monitor and the other one on 40" tv so u dont see what other player ist doing , anyway its fun to play with ur teammate on this same PC , i personaly hate to play with random internet peoples .... i dont know them so why dont play with bots insteat :P

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