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[Unreal] (request) Rocket Arena for Unreal (227)? Please :B ?

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Subject: [Unreal] (request) Rocket Arena for Unreal (227)? Please :B ?

Post Posted: 18 Jan 2013, 23:34

... so I was thinking... Unreal-centered MP gameplay. Rocket Arena. I know, I know... 'been there, done that'. But Is there such a gametype/mod for *Unreal*??? Link?

IF not, could a kind code-friendly soul be able to wip such a thing? For 227? As in:

- proper selectable gametype entry on the botmatch menu (where you select Deathmatch, etc);
- runs ONLY maps with their own gametype prefix (ex.: RAmapname) to avoid arena-styled 'littering' of other gametypes on the game directory. I'd map of course. (That's the idea)
- gameplay would consist in Eightball only (hence rocket ARENA, but not exactly like the UT mod, as to diferentiate both), no pickups on map (player always starts with 8ball), and either infinite ammo, or slowly automatic regenerating ammo. If possible, menu-adjustable rocket bounciness.

There, I requested it :B . I know I'm a tormented spirit for asking for such a mundane gametype - and YES I know that I can just do a map for DM with 8balls in it - but... you know... and to me (a unrealcode-ignorant) it doesn't seem that wild a request to someone to wip it in a weekend...? Maybe? Pretty please? :B ...
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