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Unreal + UnrealTournament coop

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Skaarj Warrior Skaarj Warrior
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Subject: Unreal + UnrealTournament coop

Post Posted: 16 Dec 2012, 14:20

I've created an IpDrv mod for Unreal 227i which allows UT client network compatibility (I will release it later once I get some bugs worked out).

So for experimenting I am running a server from time to time on unreal 1 coop, feel free to try it out. I've listed my server in CTF and Coop game servers in UT for now called "Classic Unreal coop server", or more specific you can connect directly to: (you can join with either Unreal or UT in any version)
To be less annoying with the downloads I recommend you copy over maps, textures and musics from your Unreal 1 to UT (or link paths in UnrealTournament.ini) if you have, or patch to the latest official UT version to be able to use download redirect.

Do tell me of any problems you encounter in that server so that I can work them out.

Note: server has coop playing bots that do play through the stages so don't be alarmed.

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Skaarj Warlord Skaarj Warlord
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Subject: Re: Unreal + UnrealTournament coop

Post Posted: 16 Dec 2012, 14:27

That is amazing. I can't wait to try it.

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Skaarj Berserker Skaarj Berserker
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Subject: Re: Unreal + UnrealTournament coop

Post Posted: 16 Dec 2012, 16:28

I don't play coop (last time was trying out your Nali Chronicles coop 1 year ago), but I must say that are amazing news! The problem with coop in UT is, that you must have Oldskool installed to see the servers. Last time I checked (2 years ago) coop was pretty much dead. So bringing the big UT campaigns (especially Zephon) to Unreal is a really good idea.

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