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[UT]UnFortress Gold

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Subject: [UT]UnFortress Gold

Post Posted: 23 Dec 2011, 18:11

Unreal Fortress (UnF) is a total conversion modification of Unreal Tournament.

It's a class-based mod, based on the original Quake I Fortress. "Class based" means that the players can choose between different kind of players. Each kind has certain unique skills, but also has setbacks to keep things in balance.

An example is the "Heavy Gunner". He has a big Mini-Gun, and is extremely strong. You would say he is the best class around, but he is very slow, and is hard to maneuver. He is strong, but also very slow, which makes him less of an advantage.

The Unreal Fortress mod stars 9 different classes, all with different skills and different tasks. Each class also includes specific weapons directed towards the profession of that class.

UnF also includes three new types of game play. These add a large amount of variety to the game since the goals for Unreal Fortress are dictated by the game type that is chosen. The gametypes are the following:

Capture the Flag
Command Point
One Flag Capture
Objective Assault

Info from MODDB!

Download Here:.http://www.moddb.com/mods/unreal-fortress
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