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FCon: External console for UT servers

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Pupae Pupae
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Subject: FCon: External console for UT servers

Post Posted: 04 Jul 2011, 03:05

Someone pointed me out that this mod might be useful to server admins here, so I'll post it here too:

FCon is a ServerActor that will enable administrators to log in their server with for instance telnet or putty and have direct access to the server. This allows them to alter stuff in-game or change server settings. It is designed to be very similar to the in-game console but some things are changed to make more sense.
It also has a 'script mode' which makes it easier for scripts to interact with FCon. That way you could make web applications that tap into the server.

It can be downloaded here (I hope :D): link

You could also use it to communicate to people on the server.
> say I'll play in a few minutes.

Or you could cause a little havoc. Some of my favorites. ;)
> give Loque supershockrifle
> give navigationpoint nalirabbit carrot;set nalirabbit.physics falling
> * 600 give playerstart skaarjwarrior

For more information check the readme file.

I hope it's helpful. :)

White Tusk White Tusk
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Subject: Re: FCon: External console for UT servers

Post Posted: 06 Sep 2011, 16:43

I wonder. Does killing a nalirabbit give a player frag?

I've never played on any UT server like this so I may try someday. Well, I'd like to try, when I have time. Thanks.

Anyway, welcome to the forums FTPlus.

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