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[ut] [RELEASED] The Man from A.H.R.G.

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 16:50
by GTD-Carthage
Developer: GTD-Carthage
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Synopsis: Set within the bounds of a universe different from Unreal during modern times, you embark as one of three mercenaries sent by a mysterious organization for a cleansweep - but you soon discover it isn't as simple as it is.
This is a rather strange and at most part, satirical project that should not be regarded with much seriousity. (This is both a disclaimer and a warning before you try.)
- A departure from the beloved Unreal universe.
- Episodic releases for each map.
- A cynical yet comical look upon modern day Internet culture.
- Down-to-earth but ridiculous setting and plot.
Latest News:
- 4/13/09: First public announcement of project - but Episode One is already near completion. One map per episode, the same system from the should-be-forgotten Dark Cloud. I suggest the disclaimer be read first and foremost. :P
- 4/14/09: Poll for replacing one of the organization names now open!
- 8/7/09: Closed beta begins!
- 3/19/11: RELEASED!
Links: PROJECT RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT: viewtopic.php?p=40842

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 16:51
by GTD-Carthage
[Reserved Post]

As said earlier, the story contains some dark overtones that may be deemed eerie and uncomfortable to some so consider this also a warning before you continue as this project fully presents my biased views. :P DO NOT TAKE EVERYTHING HERE SERIOUSLY!

Additionally, some organizations in-game make a reference to real ones but these references are held only satirical in a non-offensive manner. DO NOT TAKE!

Lastly, this project does contain a lot of my views about art, artistry in general, and the evolution (devolution?) of Internet-exclusive 'street culture'. I have very little against most of the topics brought up within the campaign as some may have seen here from the contents of my DeviantART account. :P EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY!

Fruity Story Introduction: (the following text best read as if a prophet was doomsaying - or like that guy from the intro of Empire Earth)

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   Half a century has passed since the renowned Osamu Tezuka created what would be the greatest influence of Japanese culture in the popular world in the unfolding of the new millennium as inspired by the greatest American figure of animation, Mickey Mouse.

   The eventual climb of the flourishing industry garners the attention of millions and spread new gifts among the young - causing the rise of many new talented artists, prodigies, and geniuses. The noble and graced deviators become stars of the new era of fashionable culture…

   But all that glistens is not gold. Everything that wins the favor of the public is eventually consumed. Consumed by corruption, greed, and dishonesty. The resulting competition that arises from these new talents becomes the face of an unconventional war on tradition – throwing the balance of humanity into the brink of destruction.

   Merely two years have gone by since the great Sonic-cide of 2007. The nobility of animu artistry fades into the dark as pageviews and comments begin to count more than intelligent design, creativity, and expressionism. Many are lost – many are damned. The wars waged by undisclosed underground organizations such as 3.5-Chan, Furing and Ensaiklopedos Theatrikas slowly take their toll upon the world as the struggle for balance continues beneath the common conscience of mankind.

   It is now the seventh year of the DARTS Society Animu Expo. Another year of profit and sustenance for the group that showcases what they believe are only the ‘best and deserving’ examples of humanity to receive awards from the acclaimed. It is another time to throw humanity into further despair with its culture in severe disrepair.

   We have hired three guns - mercenaries from Executive Operations, a security and private army firm – to save a worldwide culture falling apart. The three are to infiltrate the exposition in Havelton Convention Center in the city of Quitsburg and detonate the multiscale neutron bomb beneath all the lies and sins that are committed above. The bomb will cleanse away the minds of the talented and return them as functioning members of true society within the confines of this accursed place. You are that lead, one of the three guns, who will bring back equilibrium upon this uncouth world. The time has come to end this abomination for the DARTS Society must fall. They have hired the help of Exogen Security Solutions – this will not be a straightforward mission. Do as asked, and you will be fully paid as demanded. Destroy the artist. Cleanse the prodigy. Eliminate the genius. For they upset the balance.”

–AHRG, Animu Hatred Recognition Group, Rivals of the DevianTARDS

Yes, indeed. Only this since Dark Cloud. :P

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 17:26
by Buff Skeleton
If you're seriously making an SP map based on the destruction of anime, I... I think I love you.

DESTROY THE (anime)!

This sounds pretty funny. Looking forward to it.

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 17:33
by Creavion
Never heared of that, but it looks very cool for the start. :o :tup:

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 17:40
by GTD-Carthage
Waffnuffly wrote:If you're seriously making an SP map based on the destruction of anime, I... I think I love you.

DESTROY THE (anime)!

This sounds pretty funny. Looking forward to it.

Should be added to the disclaimer - while this map grants you exactly that opportunity as I myself have intended, you've seen some demented stuff in my DeviantART account. I have little against animu in general but I do want to be... destructively playful. :P In fact, disclaimer updated!

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 18:02
by UBerserker
Nooo anime being destroyed. Whatever.

UBerserker approves the project's sypnosis.

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 18:12
by Frieza
I love the look you got going there!

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 18:15
by Nahand, a mappack 'hating' on deviantART?? Ok, i'll applaud the originality (in Unreal SP context) and and actually interested in seeing 'the juice' of the pack. :o :tup: On a somewhat related note, i too, am not a big fan of 'anime' art even though i can enjoy it at times. The problem i think, is when mentally retarded ONLY seen that style as 'art' and as the ONLY way to express emotions - not unusual to se claims that only anime convey diferent emotional states properly. Heresy! What would Hergé and all his fans think of then?? Or mr. Disney? Heck, the WHOLE comic book pop culture of USA?...

...incidentally (or, as i like to think, NOT) anime/manga is the preferred expression medium for retards, basement-virgins, furries, etc. That HAS to mean something :B ...
(sorry for the rambling, but then again, it might prove somewhat usefull for your pack - ideias or such)

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 18:24
by Darkon
make backups! :P

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 18:33
by GTD-Carthage
Take it easy everyone, especially Nahand. Read the disclaimers first. :P

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 19:04
by Nahand
... i did :P I was actually getting in the mood of your pack :B ...

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 19:13
by Creavion
BTW: Did I understand that right, you want to release this all as episodes .. like Half Life 2?

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 19:15
by Legendslayer222
This looks interesting.

A different story entirely to the usual Unreal Na Pali theme.

(You seem to have caused madness on the forums with this one :lol: )

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 19:30
by Raven
Can't wait to play it :). Screenies look awesome.

Posted: 13 Apr 2009, 22:47
by Hellscrag

This is unexpected! Looks interesting (and nice build).

I've had to make some edits to the post. List tags don't work properly at present, and the main page template (annoyingly) double spaces the paragraphs.