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[u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 20 Oct 2021, 10:20
by Delacroix

Developer: Various Unreal Community Talents (mainly Yrex, but see credits), based on original work by Level Infinity

Status: Developing

Synopsis: 47 years before the events of Unreal, a civilian Terran colonist Brandon Steele finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the city of Vegra, part of the Seriate IV colony on the moon Io falls the victim of a brutal assault by the terrorists of the Vesspine Confederation. Having realized he's in the middle of a warzone, he has to fight for his life as he is pursued not only by the terrorist forces but also the terrifying Skaarj Empire.

- 8 all-original missions
- 4 new weapons
- New deadly enemies: human terrorists from the Vesspine Confederation, terrifying new Skaarj leader units and more on the way

Latest News: Alpha 1 milestone achieved.

Level Infinity official site (original cancelled project) (on

Important Notice: This is a community restoration project of a cancelled expansion pack for Unreal. Leo(T.C.K.) has recovered all eight levels that were planned, some in larval form, others partially complete, some even nearly complete. After he provided the initial fixes and conversions, Yrex and myself have taken it upon ourselves to get some work done in order to fully complete the add-on. Currently a lot of the groundwork has been done by Yrex to the core code file and three of the levels are essentially complete as far as build goes (and have actual gameplay, albeit not adjusted to the storyline yet). Further work is still required but it is progressing very nicely.


--- not available yet ---

While the OldUnreal topic has the recovered content and Leo's initial conversions, I'd rather hold off on posting public releases of the current work in progress.


Level Infinity:

- Levels:

1. Escape from Vegra -- Nick Parde
2. The Old Township -- Steve Farrow
3. River Ruins -- Neil Munday
4. Lava Power Plant -- Crista Forest
5. Mountain Stronghold -- Jeff Miner
6. StarPort/Communications Center -- Ryan Isenberg
7. Planet Head -- Jim Semkiw
8. The Jolly Roger -- Emil Gustavssun
DM Level 1 -- Mikael Wahlberg
DM Level 2 -- Eric Boltjes

- Models -- Roger Tweedle
- Programming (UnrealScript) -- Jess Crable
- Skins -- Crista Forest
- Sound FX -- Ken Post
- Texture Art -- Crista Forest

Community Edition:

- Leo(T.C.K.) - recovery, asset/map conversion, various fixes
- Yrex - map restoration (StarPort, JollyRoger), map fixes (various),
multiple fixes and improvements to the code
- Bleeder91 - original 227 code for the Skaarj boss character
- GamesHarder - examination
- Rikia - pirate skin (prototype)
- PaperCoffee - pirate skin (finalization) (upcoming)
- Delacroix - archive management, testing and feedback (Alpha 1 onwards)

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 20 Oct 2021, 17:45
by Mister_Prophet
I was following some posts Leo had made about this on other forums, but it's great to see a concrete thread about it. Having been sort of aware of this one floating around in the ether for a while it's really cool that there is now a restored version out with fleshed out synopsis (it was strangely hard to glean details about what this was before now). Nice work to all involved in the restoration :tup:

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 20 Oct 2021, 21:45
by Aspide
Wow this is fantastic work, I've always loved how much unreleased content Leo(T.C.K.) has managed to recovered in all this years. I'm already looking forward to this. :D

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 25 Nov 2021, 20:27
by Delacroix
Thanks to Yrex' dedication, we're just two SP maps away from the first alpha milestone. Some more recent shots can be seen below.

Level 3: River Ruins


Level 4: Lava Plant


Level 5: Mountain Stronghold


Level 6: Starport / Comm Center


Overall, levels 3-8 are Alpha-1-Milestone ready. This huge progress wouldn't be possible without Yrex, Leo(T.C.K.), PaperCoffee and Rikia. Let us take a moment to appreciate their work!

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 03:56
by SteadZ
Delacroix wrote:Image

Ah damn, looks like you guys got there first with implementing ME:Andromeda-style glyph sudoku puzzles in Unreal :P - will be interesting to see how the interaction is, cool to see something new either way.

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 07:14
by Jigoku
This sure looks interestin'.

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 26 Nov 2021, 08:03
by Aspide
Looks great :) , good job everyone, seeing this project makes me wonder just how many cancelled expansion packs for Unreal are there....

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 07 Jan 2022, 22:37
by Delacroix
Just to throw it out there, there's been tremendous progress thanks to Yrex, which brought us even closer to the Alpha 1 milestone. All SP maps are basically either done or almost done, all DM maps are practically done as well, as far as the Alpha 1 milestone is concerned. For now, no screenshots, but expect some in a few days. Due to the compact size of this project, we wouldn't want to spoil too much anyway.

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 08 Jan 2022, 01:29
by Mister_Prophet
Cool :tup: Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Del.

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 18 Jan 2022, 09:08
by Delacroix
Recently on


Alpha 2 is coming up nicely.

Re: [u1] Steele Dawn

Posted: 18 Jan 2022, 18:24
by Aspide
Looks great \o/ \o/