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Codename: Alys - Unreal 227j Project Development Diary

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Subject: Codename: Alys - Unreal 227j Project Development Diary

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Mod conception - Rikia
Coding help - SteadZ

- Multiplayer
- Singleplayer

As first, I decided to create and publish first project package as a multiplayer map. It was made for getting the more experience in mapping and it is related to the lore I'm creating.

Demo video:

DATA000 description:
Author of the text - Rodion Kuzevanov (me)

6th of March, 3001, The Proximus Gamma - IV System, Planet Gena, Vector - III City, Headquarters of Millerist Tech Inspection

One of MTI headquarters. Operating on corporative space(territories), this organization is one of the FCM(Foundation Centre of Millerism) powers as well as the ideology that lies deeply in people consciousness.

The main zones of the headquerters building:

- Intelligence tower with the techradar
- Communication antennas with building maintenance(transformers, vent-machines)
- Helipad with roof warehouses
- Communication centre
- Warehouse of confiscated equipment
- Communications of the operational-duty department
- Administrative premises
- Communications of armed department
- Research facilities
- AI department

Intelligence tower is used for scanning the equipment on surrounding area, with the power of techradar controlled by specific AI. This AI provides a supersonic scanning. The department with AI block is located far below the part of operational-duty department communications. The scanning can detect equipment with the different levels of danger:
- Low level of danger. Communicators with personal data of users that most closely located to the suspicious object, help MTI to put these users in their blacklist. Then MTI operatives deal with them in turn.
- Medium level of danger. A group of armed operatives is immediately sent to the territory of a suspicious object.
- High level of danger. Raising the alarm. Actuation of all operational forces. Reporting to all headquarters.

The blacklist of illegal equipment and tech can also include units with the potential of harm to the Millerism Foundation. The legal equipment and tech usually includes the Millerism brands that help the techradars and other scan devices to ignore these units. Carriers of illegal equipment, such as illegals and criminals can hide their equipment from scanning with techcovers.

The research facilities of this headquarters building are only used for the light researches. For the heavy researches there are used specific isolated facilities.

There are two types of techcovers:
- Fiber
- Emitters that generate interferences for scanning

Techcover is developed by MTI and corporative intelligence for operating on imperial territories, where rules the Tsunodaism. Illegals and criminals can use imperial variants of techcovers.

We will talk about Millerism Foundation later.

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