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[UT] Χέοψ DORADO -Final Ver-

Posted: 12 Feb 2018, 23:47
by UBerserker

XeopsRequisite.7z (141MB)
Includes the necessary files from EXU2 v7.2, oldskool239 and UTBP4, if needed.

XeopsDoradoFinal.7z (227MB)
Current and FINAL version of Xeops. In any case, overwrite everything.

XeopsMain.7z (92MB)
The OLD version of Xeops, kept for legacy purposes. Still depends on the XeopsRequisite package.

RMusic_Player (different version)
If EXU/Xeops' RMusic doesn't work, get this one. What you need is inside the System folder.

Χέοψ ~Cheope~, codenamed Xeops, is my "debut" Unreal single player map, almost 20 years in since I played the original game from the very first day of release. While G59 is already a thing I've never fully released a proper non-EXU Unreal map, and this would be it.

The dream concept of the map was something I thought of a year ago, planned for whatever incoming speedmapping contest would've come. Given the use of custom content it wouldn't have probably fit though. Besides, I had a lot to learn about mapping still; with the G59 rework I figured out a lot of stuff, so everything I learnt there were finally put to a test. With the help of the EXU framework and other content, inspired by ancient architecture, Serious Sam and my will to develop more stuff outside of G59 I created finally something I wanted for ages: starting from a 46080x23040x7168 sized cube I brainstormed a layout off a random point of the playable zone.

Xeops's gameplay relies both on exploration and very frantic battles, similar to The Last Fortress. You get to play with a rather different weapon set, fight against enhanced enemies and discover well-hidden secrets. The whole experience is also story-driven - similar to G59 your character has a name and a personality, though as usual you aren't forced to pick him as your model. Overall a single robust level that can clock up to multiple hours depending on the difficulty chosen, with an advanced sci-fi theme that doesn't go too far off from classic Unreal (at least, not more than certain other packs).
Again, as the map uses the EXU framework: it's just for enhanced scripted pawns, trigger actors and more. Seasoned EXU players might find few familiar stuff but remember this is regular Unreal.

Information on files, tech-related stuff and credits are in the readme.

Music provided once again by Cybernetika/Xenofish just like in G59. RMusic_Player is being used for this map, so remember that you can only set the music volume from the RMusic settings under the "Mods" menu. You have to restart the game for the change to take effect between loading games.
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Ancient Terran history transcending the Solar System.
An adoration from the outer space, leading to the nascency of a sacred land as an act of respect and zeal.
The Pharaoh is not alive. He may however have discerned the efforts from the afterlife. Or so they think.
Or what else?
No one will know. They are long gone, but
what they've done is everlasting, permanent, imperishable.

- - -
Possibilities of exploration beyond reaches for Terrans have arisen for decades.
So for many others.
It's a virulent race of who gathers the most marvelous technologies lost in the absoluteness of the Universe.
The vanquishers shall open the gates of excessive strength. Then, the new advanced era will impel.

This is one of many tales.

In honor of this incoming mission, the ATUM subsidiary team of the Terran forces has been constituted. The specialty of this group is its sole reliance on a one-man army - Damien.

An unknown technology appears to be possibly located in a location of a planet that was once inhabited by a cousin race of the Human one; this is heavily suggested by the general architecture resembling the ancient Egyptian civilization one from Earth. The planet is located in the same galaxy as planet Na Pali.

One of the enemies, Apep's forces, are going there too. No time to waste: pursuing them rapidly and invading the planet before Apep can regroup and coordinate their strategies there in time. The ATUM will cast the "immortal" Damien for to complete the mission.

The mission in question: finding the unknown technology (if it exists) in this location and destroying it, possibly without bringing much harm to the place. Gathering something of interesting is however allowed. If the mission is successful, the Apep forces might be out of the intergalactic game once for all, so the stakes are high.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 03:03
by radios
is this a new movie?.


Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 11:49
by editor Dave
I think this thread wants to hype up for whatever he was going for with this: viewtopic.php?p=75411#p75411

Mission accomplished! Moar info please ;)


Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 15:45
by Diego96
editor Dave wrote:I think this thread wants to hype up for whatever he was going for with this: viewtopic.php?p=75411#p75411

Mission accomplished! Moar info please ;)



Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 15:55
by UBerserker
Diego96 wrote:
editor Dave wrote:I think this thread wants to hype up for whatever he was going for with this:

Mission accomplished! Moar info please ;)


The .unr is still named like that at the moment, lmao


Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 20:09
by UBerserker
Serious notes aside it's far away from being ready. There are crapload things yet to be done, alongside testing (which will be done under all difficulties, it's a single map).

In the meanwhile go play&comment Hard Crash since it's fun to play as fuck viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4304


Posted: 21 Feb 2018, 23:14
by UBerserker
Some update: finally reached testing phase for the map. Has been a massive headache so far because it pushes the engine (not the amount of custom content used but for the particular use of lighting) to the point that in the editor it crashes with lights on. Thanksfully this never seems to happen in-game! The limitations of the engine definitely stink, almost killing all the satisfaction of developing the level.

Since I'd wanted this completed under at least 6 weeks and I'm close to finishing the 4th week so to say I'll probably make a short intro map as well.
Screw that this map doesn't need intro support

Ok fine have some shot

You may have noticed the Minigun having an abnormal amount of ammo.
The map has a rather more colorful weapon inventory; the Minigun for example can now have up to 800 ammo, does not share ammo with the Automag (which is here your "last resort" weapon) and with the improved scripted pawns the weapon is finally useful and fun to use.


Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 11:48
by editor Dave
I see some Shrakitha influence there, nice!

I have always had to deal with lighting issues and what I noticed is that the editor crashes when a single light actor emits light on too many surfaces at once (so reduce the radius; I have been told that 23 is a safe bet, usually), or when a single surface is lit by too many light actors (so you would have to reduce the overall light actors in some places, or their radii as well). When you move lights without rebuilding lighting, or rebuild new geometry without a lighting rebuild, you might cause one of these two errors as well. I hope you can create a stable map!


Posted: 22 Feb 2018, 23:05
by UBerserker
Beta testing on Easy/Medium successful, Hard/Unreal runs will be done tomorrow. So expect a release Saturday.

Probably as issues go there might be some slowdowns and brushes-becoming-invisible-when-you-look-at-a-certain-angle bugs. The latter is a mainstay annoyance that I got to know since months/years and frankly the engine can go fuck itself in this case. Not like the issue appears right in front of your face - besides they are nowhere near as static HOMs or killer BSP.
Also RMusic_Player is still wonky when it comes to saves/loads on oldskool when the music is stopped, even if the correct gametype is used. EDIT: fixed by letting it play a silent mp3 instead of using AC_STOP.

Few things:
  • Map will make use of the EXU framework for better and more stable actors, advanced pawn orders and lots of quickly available customization (as seen in this thread). Epic's stuff feels obsolete, plus this is also a great test for Waff's ultra-massive EXU system in a non-EXU environment. I didn't even have to use a single MONSTER SPAWNPOINT! NOT EVEN ONE. What a goddamn relief.
  • With what is said above, there will be two DL links: first installation is with the release itself, the entire EXU 7.1 and its side content packaged without its maps and music (those are strictly BI campaign content, unrelated to the main packages) and the general setup files that EXU2 always brings (oldskool, bp4 etc - again thanks Waff for this really good idea); second link is for those who already have v7.1 installed, which is just the map and the content it exclusively uses.
  • The map is tested under EXUOpenGL, which I'm hoping at least everyone is using that one. D3D10 should be fine too. Once again, both drivers are included in the full installation download, and since I'm prudent as fuck, I'll paste in my settings too.

That should be it. The story premise will be slightly expanded on release; even the incoming logo screenshot will be canon to the story.

editor Dave wrote:I see some Shrakitha influence there, nice!

To answer this, I wasn't influenced by Shrakitha at all actually. As Unreal goes I guess the only thing going for it was aiming for a ultra robust single map like TLF and Triamid.
Proper visual inspiration is from Egyptian architecture (generally as seen now, i.e. the ruins, not as they looked in ancient times) and from Serious Sam BFE where devs did an extremely good job recreating current Egyptian temple ruins. You don't need to go full-detail mode with that architecture - and it's also a plot point.
I could potentially add more details but that means adding more light actors and I don't want to risk. Unreal sadly was made for being dark and gloomy with pisspoor sunlight; I'm not sure how much 227 improves on a midday style sunlight but even then I never used the 227 editor and my gameplay ideas were based on the EXU framework, so had to choose the latter. Engine limitations are tilting.


Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 17:40
by editor Dave
Honestly, I was simply referring to that certain lighting technique which probably was first used in Shrakitha. :D Actually, I was thinking about Serious Sam, as well. So, from what I understand, this will rather feel like a regular map than the hyper-scaling of HP and fire power found in EXU. In that case, I will probably play it soon after the release; EXU styled maps need a longer time frame to prepare and finish. ^^


Posted: 24 Feb 2018, 00:39
by UBerserker
Looks like Unreal difficulty extends the map longevity to the point I have to likely postpone the release to Sunday, since besides last few fixes I'll have to cook up a big logo screen a la G59 and a huge re-edit of the main post.
Level quite fucking hype so far, scales drastically well through difficulties from joke level to high-end skill one. I'm clocking almost 3 hours in.

[UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~

Posted: 25 Feb 2018, 00:21
by UBerserker

Tomorrow at some hours the links will go live.

The story definitely permits more entries. If I'll ever decide to make new maps, they'll all be related to this one.

Re: [UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~

Posted: 25 Feb 2018, 00:38
by SteadZ
Holy shit boi, that's a pretty hot title card you got there.

I await release with baited breath :O


Re: [UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~

Posted: 25 Feb 2018, 03:45
by Diego96
Holy crap, whatever new weapons you made I wanna try them. Does it have a new roster of enemies too?

Re: [UT] Χέοψ ~Cheope~

Posted: 25 Feb 2018, 10:57
by salsaSkaarj
Having read it needs the EXU framework I had decided to let this one pass-by. However the intro writing makes me wonder whether my decision is a good one or not. I now think it's not so I'm going to give this ago. Just wondering where I'll find the time, oh well, I could skip some more meals and reduce sleeping hours by another 25% \o/