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Hard Crash Release!

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Skaarj Berserker Skaarj Berserker
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Subject: Re: Hard Crash Release!

Post Posted: 06 Mar 2018, 14:14

Good to see this come out officially after so many years. It was a lot of fun.

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Skaarj Warrior Skaarj Warrior
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Subject: Re: Hard Crash Release!

Post Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 22:24

Thanks for finishing this up SS I always wondered what would come next. I finally got a chance to play through it in its entirety today, but will have to replay it on Unreal difficulty as I forgot to set the difficulty when loading it up. I have to agree with others that there are sudden difficulty inconsistencies in some areas of the pack, but I can definitely forgive that in my next playthrough.

I thought the red theme in the last few maps was a nice throwback to the Doom days. The elevator lift from map 7 or 8 reminded me of some areas of Bethesda's lastest Doom game :tup:

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Subject: Re: Hard Crash Release!

Post Posted: 14 Mar 2018, 00:41

I'm pleased to hear that everyone had a mostly good time playing through. Health can be a problem unless you know where all the hidden "caches" are. I reward exploration, (especially in darkened areas with crates) with plenty of shield belts, super health, additional ammo and armor.
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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Subject: Re: Hard Crash Release!

Post Posted: 14 Mar 2018, 01:12

*I'm just gonna bury this post here for the adventurous souls to find*

The new yet to be named pack started in earnest last week!

I went ahead and started putting together an index level to use as a level break between each map coming up. I'ts split into four quadrants. Each passage area beyond the gates being themed towards the level you will enter. Think of Banjo and Kazooie the Four seasons area.

How this (should) work:

Arrive into first level (Index) via aircraft or the cliche old spaceship crash into a poor Nali's living room (or whatever) and choose the first out of four gates leading to four levels. (Only the first gate will be open, obviously) Completing the first level dumps you back into a modified index level with the next gate being open....etc

When all the gates are open something will happen when you return to the index for the final time, a boss fight ending the pack or maybe even a fifth level that contains the boss fight.

(Pending planning/may or may not happen this way - till the end portal opens up into the fifth and final level if I want to take it that far.)

As always I wish to pay homage to some of my favorite games out there and leave some traces (If not out right reconstruction of areas) of those games in the design of the levels.

-Unreal (Obviously) (Featured in Hard Crash Level 3, most of the level aesthetics, some buildings)
-Jurassic Park: Trespasser (Already featured in Hard Crash level 2, the level was largely based on the last level of the game on top of Mt. Watson, think building design, placement, textures and especially the wind farm)
-The Elder Scrolls Series
-Crysis Series (Maybe not)
-Diablo Series
-Serious Sam series
-Metro 2033
-Hawken (R.I.P Hawken PC btw...Already featured in Hard Crash Level 8, the central pyramid structure is almost an exact replica of the pyramid from The Bunker level)
-Duke Nukem 3D (Featured in Hard Crash Level 5, aesthetics)

If you are already familiar with those games (You should be damnit, how dare you not!) You may find some of the above in a replay of Hard Crash and they should become more obvious.

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Skaarj Scout Skaarj Scout
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Subject: Re: Hard Crash Release!

Post Posted: 31 Mar 2018, 02:30

Very interesting pack and glad you finally made it!

I spotted a major design error in Level 2. You can enter research/lab building through the holes in its roof and then... you're stuck if you hadn't visited windmill site before as both door are locked :D


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