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Colliding Worlds

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Subject: Colliding Worlds

Post Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 19:01

[font size="5"]Colliding Worlds is project of mine based upon the idea of merging some Unreal levels into one big, sandbox-like experience.[/font]

How does Unreal levels look like in the editor?

Unreal levels look like a house without it's walls, just the bare rooms.
Even the sky you see is just a projection of another room called the SkyBox. A map can have multiple outside areas, but they won't be connected in any way.


How many maps can be stitched together? What are the engine limits?
There are (of course) serius engine limits which we cannot pass right now.
The play area is strictly limited too, even with warpzones.

The biggest edit I made consisted of:
-Vortex Rikers
-NyLeve's Falls
-Dark Arena
(Note that these long corridors were palceholders)


Can the limitations be extended?
Yes, in case you use Static Meshes.

Why is this merging project good for us?
You'll see. ;) But it's gonna definetely change your perspective. The way you look at these maps.

The Sunspire as seen atop from the Vortex Rikers.

Imagine a big map where you can get to The Sunspire directly from Spire Village. See the Skycity hovering above the Sunspire, take the SkyLift to The Skycaves, and then watch the Kralls kill that Nali who really does land on the Sunspire.

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