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Subject: [UGold227][RL-DM] - Battleplayer Unreal Ground - Survival of the Fittest -

Post Posted: 30 Nov 2017, 17:57

- Battleplayer Unreal Ground - Survival of the Fittest -

(Name suggested by:.)

Developer: makemeunreal
Status: Work in Progress
Platform / Gamemode: Unreal Gold with OldUnreal's 227 applied / Real-Life-Deathmatch

Real-Life-Deathmatch is a variant of the mod Real Life COOP by Shivaxi.
See his work on it here:

The map consists of a seamlessly merged NyLeve's Falls, Dig and heavily reworked surroundings.

(A portion of the map, seen from the void.)

(Seamless means taht every action happens in one big place unlike vanilla Unreal, where outdoor areas were separated. It may not mean much in standard coop, but with new valleys added, running between mountains, connecting areas, it does.)

You should expect players, monsters trying to hunt you down.

The basic goal:
I've always wanted to merge levels and give some kind of an "open-world" feeling to the game by it.

(Note that this map doesn't contain this area. This is my version of The Sunspire, with a floating haven above it. It also includes the SkyCaves as you can see. It looks cool!)

The goal of the game:
Use your surroundings to survive NaPali's harsh enviroment. Use the landscape for your advantage. Snipe from far cliffs, or engage deadly hand to hand combat in the forest.
Use the shadows, prone to avoid enemies, or attack them from behind dealing a devastating ammount of damage! (See the RLCOOP thread for this!)
Note that this map is a "night-type" variant which adds a lot more options to be tactical.
Each player spawns on a different area of the big map.
Random, and "always-spawning" pickups.
Make friends or hunt alone, but remember that there can be only one survivor in the end!
Set up traps!

Points of Interest:

-The NyLeve Plateau-
Expect wild animals, not that much drop, heavy plant life.

-The Sunken Spaceship-
Expect nice drop, and a dangerous swim in the devilfish infested waters around.

Please note that this is only a WIP version with more stuff incoming. I'm planning to add more routes, make some areas much darker etc.

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