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Some Mutator Updates

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Subject: Some Mutator Updates

Post Posted: 01 Sep 2016, 07:16

Been working on a few updates to some of my old mutators the last few months.

Have tested them all extensively on a number of "Live" servers.
A DM server, an Assault server, a DOM server, 2 ECoop servers and the
baddest EXU server on the whole goddamn planet.

1. UT2U1 v2.0

This one anybody who is running UT should be using all the time, for offline play
or servers.


This eliminates pretty much ALL the crap the UT default DMMutator does to
make Unreal actors not show up or work right with UT.
This is crap that happens EVERY time ANY ACTOR gets spawned.
Bypassing all that makes a noticeable difference.

Re-wrote it few months back so that it will work with Oldskool. Oldskool works better with it.
It should work with everything. Use it.
(zYnthetic, Use it this weekend... Easy install.)


2. Dropper v2.0

Mutator that will spawn 1 or more Actors when Players/Bots/Monsters are killed.
Can spawn Weapons, Inventory items, Monsters, Decorations at whatever rate you want.
Optional random 3D Rotation of spawned items.
Nothing it spawns will be "falling out of the world".
Too many config options to list here. Check the Readme.txt file for details and more info.


May be releasing some more stuff soon. Stay tuned....

*Full source code included with both, for any of you who may be interested.
Mooo !

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