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Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 14 Mar 2015, 00:22
by pcgames30

To cover all aspects concerning Redeem Your Space with Unreal and Unreal Tournament,
I tested Redeem Your Space on another computer. It's clear that different Hardware and
Operating Systems have an affect on the game.

To make a difference, I tested Redeem Your Space with Unreal and Unreal Tournament
on an older computer, to see the different Video Settings.

The older computer has an intel Pentium III 933 MHz CPU, a Creative Sound Blaster Live!
CT4670 Soundcard and runs with Windows 98 SE. Unreal is installed in Version 226 Final
and Unreal Tournament in Version 436. The graphics cards here are a Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 400
(AGP 4x) and an add-on 3Dfx Voodoo 2 (PCI).

The best Video Setting on this computer for Redeem Your Space with Unreal and
Unreal Tournament is 3Dfx Glide for Windows. As most of You might know, Unreal required a
Voodoo card for best display. For Unreal Tournament OldSkool 2.39 was installed.

The newer computer has an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ CPU, a Creative Sound Blaster Live! SB0100
Soundcard and runs with Windows XP SP2. Unreal is installed in Version 227i and Unreal Tournament
in Version 451b. The graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT (AGP 8x).

The best Video Setting on this computer for Redeem Your Space with Unreal and
Unreal Tournament is OpenGL Support. For Unreal Tournament OldSkool 2.39 was installed.

So as a result for Unreal and Unreal Tournament, in older computers there should be used an
add-on Voodoo card and 3Dfx Glide for Windows.
In newer computers it should be an AGP 8x graphics card and OpenGL Support.

If You have ATI graphics cards, You can use the ATI Radeon 7200 for older computers
and the ATI Radeon X800 for newer computers.

You also can experiment with a Glide Wrapper to emulate Glide for OpenGL or Direct3D
like Openglide for OpenGL or dgVoodoo for Direct3D.

If You want to check your Video Setting, just start the Maps 15CourtyArd.unr,
25LostPalace.unr and 33Sarevok.unr. If they start, then You are carefree.

Redeem_Your_Space-UNREAL-227i-english.rar ... nglish.rar

Redeem_Your_Space-UT-451b-english.rar ... nglish.rar

Roland (pcgames30)

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 14 Mar 2015, 04:40
by UnrealGecko
Rarsonic wrote:Why is it like that? I played RyS through a couple of times using DirectX drivers and I never had a problem with it. It honestly looks more like a problem on your end.

Also, Redeem your Space should not require 227 to play. Furthermore, Leo(T:C:K) already provided a working solution for UT-Oldskool (a specific RysPak) that has no need for v451. It should work fine with v436.

What he said up there.
Unreal 227 I can understand because it's a great unofficial patch that is quite used in SP campaigns etc.
But UT v451 is... well... For lack of a better word... Crap! I am not going to install it for just one SP campaign, no matter how good it can be (how the hell did you make something on it anyway? I thought the editor doesn't work?) :shake:

So yeah, could please use that Oldskool RysPak to NOT require v451, but instead v436?

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 16 Mar 2015, 07:44
by pcgames30

Now I finished also Redeem Your Space with Unreal Tournament.

I played it on the computer with the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT (AGP 8x) with the
Video Setting OpenGL Support, just like I did with Unreal and everything went fine.

Even the Quadshot which failed in Unreal, worked and looked great in Unreal Tournament.

By the way I corrected a few spelling errors and updated the Readme file.

Also I am aware, that there are differences between older and newer graphics cards,
their drivers and mainboard chipsets.

So it can matter, if You use an ATI or a NVIDIA graphics card and older or newer drivers.

It also can matter, whether you use a mainboard with an AMD or Intel or NVIDIA or SIS
or VIA chipset.

I looked for a way to play Redeem Your Space in english with Unreal and Unreal Tournament,
and my way worked.

On the older computer with AGP 4x and Voodoo graphics cards, my Video Setting for Redeem
Your Space with Unreal 226 Final and Unreal Tournament 436 was 3Dfx Glide for Windows.

On the newer computer with AGP 8x graphics card, my Video Setting for Redeem Your Space
with Unreal 227i and Unreal Tournament 451b was OpenGL Support.

All these settings worked excellent all the time.

But to keep You informed, I have to put some things straight.

While I played Redeem Your Space with Unreal, there were no Video problems,
only the Quadshot failed.

I wrote in UPDATE 3 "Redeem Your Space works well with Unreal 227i and Unreal Tournament 451b,
if the Video Setting is set to OpenGL Support. There is no other full working setting." I meant there
is no other full working setting for Redeem Your Space with Unreal Tournament.

The updated RySPaks, coming in different versions for Unreal and Unreal Tournament, are included
in the packages.

Playing Redeem Your Space with Unreal 226 Final on the older computer with Direct3D Support
worked, but the display was poor.
OpenGL Support, here called Tims OpenGL Support, did not work.
3Dfx Glide for Windows was best.

Playing Redeem Your Space with Unreal 227i on the newer computer, I could choose between
Direct3D Support, Direct3D 8 Support and Direct3D 9 Support. Direct3D 9 Support was best,
but OpenGL Support was better.

Playing Redeem Your Space with Unreal Tournament 436 on the older computer with Direct3D
Support worked for circa 30 Maps. The rest refused to start, because of a Critical Error.
OpenGL Support worked, but 3Dfx Glide for Windows was best.

Playing Redeem Your Space with Unreal Tournament 451b on the newer computer with Direct3D
Support also worked for circa 30 Maps. The rest stopped with a Critical Error right at the start.
"Critical Error D3D Driver: Encountered oversize texture without sufficient mipmaps".
OpenGL Support worked perfect.

If someone finds a working way with Direct3D Support for all Maps of Redeem Your Space with
Unreal Tournament, he is invited to tell the details of his way for testing.

To show You my way, I tell You the configurations of the older and the newer computer,
on which I played and tested Redeem Your Space with Unreal and Unreal Tournament.

I used Unreal 226 Final and Unreal Tournament 436 for the older computer plus Unreal 227i and
Unreal Tournament 451b for the newer computer. OldSkool 2.39 for Unreal Tournament was installed.

For Unreal on the newer computer I prefer 227i, because of the best display.

For Unreal Tournament I tested the versions 436, 440 and 451b, all worked.
So I prefer 451b, because of the fixes for single player, network and the best display.
OldSkool 2.39 works with Unreal Tournament from 436 to 451b.

If You need the Unreal Editor in UT, You must use Unreal Tournament 436.
But You can use 451b too, if You want. Just copy all the directories from your Unreal Tournament 436
directory into a new directory and rename it "UnrealTournament436" for example,
before You update to 451b . Then create a new link to the Editor like
C:\UnrealTournament436\System\UnrealEd.exe and put the link on the desktop.

Now You can update the old Unreal Tournament directory to 451b for playing, while You use the new
link on the desktop to start the Editor in "UnrealTournament436" for level editing and testing.

I also use often two different directories for Mod testing. I rename the original directory for example
"Unreal" to "Unreal original". Then I copy all the directories from "Unreal original" into a new directory
and rename it "Unreal" for playing. If something goes wrong and the Mod fails,
I simply delete all the directories in "Unreal". Then I copy the clean directories from "Unreal original"
again in the empty directory "Unreal" and the next test can begin.

Infos about Unreal 227i

Infos about Unreal Tournament 451b


1) Older Computer

Mainboard: ASUS CUV4X
Chipset: VIA Apollo Pro 133Z
CPU: Intel Pentium III 933 MHz
RAM: Transcend 2 x 256 MB SDRAM PC133

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 400 64 MB (AGP 4x)
Graphics Driver: NVIDIA 28.32_win9x 03-09-2002

Add-on Graphics Card: 3Dfx Voodoo 2 3D Accelerator 12 MB (PCI)
Add-on Graphics Driver: 3Dfx Voodoo 2 3.03.00 win95/98 and DOS 01-27-2000

Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value CT4670
Sound Driver: Creative Sblw9xup 08-26-1999

Operating System: Windows 98 Second Edition

2) Newer Computer

Mainboard: ASUS A7N8X v2.0
Chipset: NVIDIA nForce2 (Ultra 400)
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (FSB 333)
RAM: Infineon 2 x 512 MB DDR SDRAM PC2700

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB (AGP 8x)
Graphics Driver: NVIDIA 77.77_winxp2k_international_whql 07-20-2005

Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 SB0100
Sound Driver: Creative LiveDrvUni-Pack(ENG) [SB Live! Series (WDM) 5.1.2535.0] 07-01-2001

Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2

It is clear, that I own a new computer with 64 Bit CPU too. But I never play old games
like Unreal (1998) and Unreal Tournament (1999) on this computer, because there is
no authentic hardware environment for old games.

Redeem Your Space english for Unreal and Unreal Tournament final version.

Redeem_Your_Space-UNREAL-227i-english.rar (74.5 MB) ... nglish.rar

Redeem_Your_Space-UT-451b-english.rar (92.0 MB) ... nglish.rar

Roland (pcgames30)

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 17 Apr 2015, 15:58
by Sat42
Just thought I'd drop by to say I've finally finished playing through the entirety of the pack last week-end, excluding some secret levels (which I checked out in the editor - some looked great!).
I won't say much for now as I'm really busy with Uni stuff. Nonetheless: there are spoilers ahead!
I started playing Paci's Redeem Your Space on 227 in January with Roland's version of the pack, which builds on previous translation efforts. It took a long time to play through, partly because it's really big as everyone knows, and partly also because frankly there are boring moments.
I kind of expected the large levels and low poly quality of the pack, but there was one real surprise and that was the intro: it's not flawless but it's great, and kicks off a type of storyline not usually seen in an Unreal mod. Holy shit that made me happy! :)
There were a lot of unique touches throughout, however overall there was too much repetition both in terms of build and in terms of gameplay. The worst offender in this regard must be the "Pharaoh" stretch of maps: the levels were at the very least quite good (and generally good) but damn, repetition resulted in boredom creeping up at times. I was never bored during the first third of the pack but the first "bad" map appeared at the end of the "Haros" stretch: despite its good first impressions, the map is mediocre and simply unfinished and low polyness has nothing to do with that. The last stretch of the campaign is great though! And most maps are great anyway, but despite the periodic changes of mood, again I have to stress the high amount of repetition, should I say replication of the setups, which was probably inevitable in a project like this (i.e., both literally huge and carried out by a single person*). It would have been less of a problem if the story had kept my attention throughout, but unfortunately, despite the very promising start, after about a third of the game, I was like "oh, right, now I see where this is leading to: now I'm just gonna jump from one planet to the next committing genocide against every major Unreal race" seriously! The player character's thoughts also suffer from a lack of credibility, and I'm pretty sure the translation cannot be blamed for this. There are some revelations toward the end, but it's all brought about clumsily and in one instance I realised I had clearly misunderstood a previous development which was not meant to be anything but straightforward (try and figure out what "Tau'ri" is early on...). I'm not sure one can distinguish any subplot from the chaotic main plot, apart from one which really had a credible edge: the recurring demons throughout the campaign led to some scary moments. At the end of the day, I think a lot will agree that, much as some like to label as "Zora's World" the four puzzle-heavy Zora's Episodes (due to their similarly singular nature), one can refer to Redeem Your Space as "Paci's World", because the universe depicted here never really makes sense on its own fictional merits, and is tied to the numerous Easter eggs and personal paraphernalia littered across the maps.
Overall, this is a good large map pack. (unfortunately not a great one unlike all the other large campaigns I've played, namely Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01, Legacy, Nali Chronicles (Full Version), Operation: Na Pali, and Xidia Gold)

*Leo (T.C.K.) is worth a mention, of course, for the numerous little tweaks and additions to some of the maps.

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 04 Dec 2015, 23:23
by pcgames30
Redeem Your Space is still a good Unreal map pack for me.

I like the big maps, the lighting and the colours. The game runs fine in Unreal,
except the failing Quadshot. In Unreal Tournament is OpenGL Support necessary,
to play all maps.

The story begins very interesting by portraying communist and Nazi
dictatorship, then it turns into an one man against the world fantasy.

Instead of wiping out the race of a whole planet, it would be more realistic
to destroy the power of dictators in occupied countries on different planets.
For example to terminate the dictatorship of Skaarj, Brute, Krall, Mercenary
and Titan rulers, by killing them and their troopers, but not the whole races
on their home planets. The rulers and the occupied countries can have their
own names like Skaarj Queen Cleopatras, ruler of the occupied country Tangul
on the planet Exploited, and so on.

After 27 amusing maps starts the repetition with fighting many Brutes
in map 28Palace.unr, 29CentralTown.unr, 31LostCity.unr and 32Piramide.unr.
Also the colour of the wall here is mainly grey-white. Different wall colours
on a few buildings and at least a second enemy or a little monster, who is
supporting the primary enemy, would be better. Killing masses of the same
slow enemy over and over again is boring, because they react all equal.

The map 30Catacombs.unr and the maps from 33Sarevok.unr to 37Castle.unr
are OK to me.

In map 37Castle.unr are two ways to enter the next map.

The regular way is to kill the Skaarj Queen in the great hall among the
roof of the castle and activate the switch there. This opens all doors,
except the main entrance, which has an extra switch. Then go to the room
opposite to the castle library with a painting, looking like Jesus wearing a red
coat and knocking on a door. There is a now opened grid and a new
staircase. Follow the stairs down to the last step and move to the door in
the total dark corner. This leads to another door and a room, where You
can jump in an open coffin.

The special way is different. At the new opened grid and the new staircase
go down four floors and across the large door. Proceed to the big square
column and turn right through the door. Turn right again and open the last door
on the left side. In this room go up the stones and jump in the well, that leads to
S6PaciManor.unr with its fancy interior design and some stashed Extras.
There You have to fight the Predators, go to the basement
with green-beige floor tiles and find a path to a wooden tower.
Climb the tower and move to a small table.

With map 38Specters.unr it goes down in the cellar again, map 39Ruins.unr
reminds me of map 28Palace.unr and map 40Underworld.unr continues the
underground fighting. So instead of entering map 38Specters.unr, it would be
more thrilling to remove this map and land immediately near the Stargate from
map 33Sarevok.unr, to travel to map 39Ruins.unr. Important messages could
be found in map 37Castle.unr.

To spice up map 39Ruins.unr and map 40Underworld.unr, it would do good to
replace some of the Titans with Skaarj or Gasbag as their support.

Map 41Stonehenge.unr looks a bit like overkill, where 4 Titans out of 5 must be
killed, to reach the Stargate on the hill.

The maps from 42Gateport.unr to 46SpacePort.unr are interesting.

In Redeem Your Space is a lot of underground environment. If the surroundings
would change more often between underground and overground,
it would be more attractive.

Despite this, there are some Easter Eggs hidden in special places,
waiting to be discovered by snoopy players.

Reading the books with informations helps a lot, to get on with the game.
Sometimes it's needful to search for dark corners, special tools and
destructible doors or walls, to reach the next map.

In the end are the teamwork and the companion as support, to fight the dictatorial
system, well done.

Redeem Your Space with its many maps is always worth to be played
and with some improvements it can become very good.

Roland (pcgames30)

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 09 Dec 2015, 06:07
by gopostal
I was never very happy with my translations. It would really do to have a native speaker go over things and point out where the issues lie. I emailed Paci when I did my stuff and he replied but he wasn't interested in much discussion.

There's a deep, rich story hiding in all those translator events. I got to peek at it but I don't think anyone but Paci has really gotten to enjoy it all. I wish there was a better way to bridge that divide between us.

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 12 Mar 2016, 20:41
by Ironword
Hi--I was hoping that the request to use the Ryspack for UT436 rather than 451 (or, heck, keep 451 available but create a 436 version also) had made some headway (see post viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3502&start=45#p69458 above). I too do not want to mess w/451. But I do want to play Redeem Your Space in UT because I like to summon the odd Infiltration or U4e or, more recently, NW3 weapon every once in a while when gameplay makes it reasonable to my (admittedly addled) sensibilities.

Unfortunately, I can't do something like this myself. I'm a non-technical doofus and know a big fat zero about UnrealEd--on my current install it won't even open (I get a DLL error). But if it's too much trouble for pcgames to port over to 436 and if I can't get it to work in my 436 install, y'all might find yourself plagued in the future when I come back and ask for help getting Redeem to work in oldskool by "hand" somehow ;) Maybe it won't be an issue, though, as pcgames says above that it worked for him in 436. Crossin' fingers.

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 03 Feb 2017, 01:00
by pcgames30
RySPak.u for Unreal Tournament depends not on version 451b, it works with version 436 too.

If You already use Unreal Tournament version 436 and Windows XP, You can keep it.

Redeem Your Space has the best display with version 451b, but the difference is small
and the Unreal Editor in UT does not work.

The reason, why Redeem Your Space has problems in Unreal Tournament with Direct3D Support is simple.

The maps 15CourtyArd.unr, 25LostPalace.unr, 33Sarevok.unr and up do not support Direct3D.
Before You start these maps, change the Video Setting to OpenGL Support.

Rarsonic played Redeem Your Space with Unreal 227 and Direct3D.

If You use OpenGL Support and need a higher Resolution than 800x600, then go to


and edit under





for example, or to the native resolution of your monitor.

You can also try the Unreal Tournament Audio & Visuals Tweaking Guide

or High End Textures
at ... ighEnd.htm

If You install the map Seven Bullets, then You can change the Resolution
in Redeem Your Space with OpenGL Support up to the native resolution of your monitor,
without any tweaks.

You can get the file sevenbullets-121-full.rar

Seven Bullets requires Unreal Tournament 436 and the UT Bonus Packs.

UT Bonus Pack #1 ... ile&id=726

UT Bonus Pack #2 ... ile&id=727

UT Bonus Pack #3 ... ile&id=730

UT Bonus Pack #4 ... ile&id=729

Roland (pcgames30)

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 02:22
by Lightning Hunter
Just wanted to report that I have started playing through Redeem Your Space in UT99 version 436 with Oldskool, and everything is working great. Almost none of those instructions by pcgames30 is necessary. You don't need the 451b patch (nor should ANYONE use this incredibly buggy, lame user-made patch), and you don't need Seven Bullets (lol, really?). The bonus packs are also definitely not needed. Here is a very basic list of instructions (for UT99) that should work fine:

1. Download the translated Redeem Your Space (same version posted by pcgames above), and extract it to your UT99 folder.

2. Make sure you have OldSkool installed: ... -lite-umod

3. Get the UTGLR OpenGL drivers (this step might not be mandatory, but I always recommend these drivers anyway). These drivers come with Seven Bullets, but you do NOT need to download Seven Bullets to get them... That's ridiculous. :lol: Instead, just get them here.

-OPTIONAL: Open up UnrealTournament.ini using "NotePad.exe", and do a text search for "VolumetricLighting", and set it to "True". Otherwise, all the great fog effects in Redeem Your Space won't show up!

I believe that is all. I am currently on map 13, and I have to say I am far more impressed than I thought I would be! I started playing this pack with very low expectations, and so far it is exceeding my expectations. The architecture is obviously nowhere near an ONP, Xidia, or Interloper pack - but the non-linear game play and epic story makes this pack worthwhile. The author is definitely a master at creating creepy atmospheres! I might do a full length review later.

If anyone is interested, here is an HD skin for the quad shot (found in Redeem Your Space), as well as the shotgun shells. It also has a new firing sound and bullet impact sounds (I hated how the bullet impact sounds were louder than the gun before). Also, there is now an ammo icon. This is meant to be used alongside UnrealHD (see my signature). ...
Just make a backup of "oldquadshot.u" in your system folder, and replace it with the one in the zip file.



Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 09:30
by Diego96
I will restart my 30 map-into run if you do a version with gloves.

Also, will it work with the OldMutator mutator? (The one that uses gun sounds from the demo)

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 13 Aug 2017, 10:29
by Lightning Hunter
Diego96 wrote:I will restart my 30 map-into run if you do a version with gloves.

You actually don't have to restart. You can just overwrite oldquadshot.u and load your last saved game, and the updates should automatically take place upon loading the next level (some changes will take place immediately, like the high-res skin).

Also, will it work with the OldMutator mutator? (The one that uses gun sounds from the demo)

I don't use that mutator so I can't say for sure, but I don't think it will conflict because "oldquadshot.u" contains all of its own sounds with new filenames. I could be wrong though...

I might make a version with gloves; we will see. I have a lot on my to-do list right now. :P

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 01:58
by Diego96
I encountered a problem in the Unreal 227i version of RYS with your quadshot mod. It now asks for a file called "Botpack".

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 03:20
by Lightning Hunter
Hmmm, I guess I added a UT99 dependency on accident (botpack.u is the main file from UT99). I'll investigate. In the meantime, use the old version of oldquadshot.u.

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 14 Aug 2017, 07:14
by Lightning Hunter
Ok, I got rid of the UT99 dependency. I also changed the hand to gloves, which turned out pretty nice! I copied the style of the Automag gloves to keep consistency. I also restored the crosshair (I don't know why it was missing in the original oldquadshot), and I did some updates to the shotgun shells: ...


The only issue is that I tried to test this in U227i, but the oldquadshot is incredibly bugged in Redeem Your Space. At least with my install, it was like 1/32 the size! I could barely see the gun. The rest of the guns were normal. I'm assuming this is on my end only, but I will let other people test to see if there are any issues. I can say this works perfectly on my install of UT99 with oldskool, but I don't know about U227i...

Edit: I think I'll create a new thread for this, since I don't want to hijack this thread (even though the Quad Shot is in Redeem Your Space). Could a mod please move all the Quad Shot posts to a new thread? I can update the posts as needed once they are moved.

Re: [U1] [RELEASED] Redeem Your Space English translation (not Engrish)

Posted: 15 Aug 2017, 03:41
by Lightning Hunter
I forgot to mention that I also created an Oldskool map entry for Redeem Your Space to make things easier in UT99. It is now part of my "Custom OldSkool Entries" (now at v1.2): ... iesV12.ZIP

For anyone not familiar with this little add-on, it adds support for nearly 40 custom map packs out there for the oldskool custom "Map Pack" list. In other words, if you have any of these 40 packs installed (like Strange World, etc.), they will now conveniently appear in the OldSkool Map Pack list with a screenshot - just like the original Unreal Episode. Just download and extract the .u file and .int file to the UnrealTournament\System folder.