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[released][227] SP-DontShootTheChest Episode 1

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Subject: Re: [released][227] SP-DontShootTheChest Episode 1

Post Posted: 02 Mar 2014, 02:24

just played this, was incredibly surprised by the combination of scale and detail. Gameplay wise it'ss a pretty mindless romp which manages to chuck in titans at just the right time and prevent it feeling overly repetitive. The thing at the beginning was mildy amusing, but I'd already read everyones spoilers in this thread so maybe that's why I didn't find it that great. :P

But yeah, very impressive mapping and I could definitely appreciate it on that level. How long did it take to build? (A rough estimate of cumulative hours spent on it?) I'm guessing something like 20
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Subject: Re: [released][227] SP-DontShootTheChest Episode 1

Post Posted: 23 Mar 2014, 18:27

And another little gem by GTD. I didn't fall into the trap and shot the damn chest immediately \o/ .
As expected visually this is above standard material, even though some areas are slightly repetitive.
Certainly worth the playtime and the laughs. :tup:
I hadn't read this topic before playing and got a real fright with the Titans, even though I kind of expected something like that to happen (the messages were ample warning). BUt I didn't find the Titans that hard, there are a couple of places from where they can be shot with little danger of being hit by thier rocks - this (for me) is the only real weak aspect of the map.

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Subject: Re: [released][227] SP-DontShootTheChest Episode 1

Post Posted: 24 Mar 2014, 04:45

The game is fantastic! Waiting for the next episode!


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