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Subject: Re: [released] [ut] [Unofficial Thread] [Beta] Zenith

Post Posted: 21 Jul 2018, 15:34

Not sure if this is considering necroing or not but I just finished this pack, with the last version, 1.1.0(?).

The beginning is probably the worst part, the part where you pilot that craft as others have said is very awkward. Having an entire level where your only weapon is that Krall staff where the only really damaging attack takes like 5-10 seconds to charge up is a real pain. But if you can get through those stages I'd say stick with it to the end.

Some features seem poorly implemented, if at all. The marketplace while a nice idea seems to make little difference. I tried buying stuff there, but besides some of the bio-augmentations nothing seems to stick. You could probably ignore it entirely and still make it through, there's more than enough gear laying around in the levels anyway.

I think it does improve a bit in the later levels, when you get offered more traditional weapons, including the 3 RTNP ones. The CAR is a lifesaver against the marines. Level design seems to generally get better as you go along. Some of the boss fights were pretty interesting, requiring you to figure out a puzzle as opposed to simply piling damage into them. A few of the levels were a bit confusing though, particularly early on.

Story is largely hit and miss, Zenith possibly being the pack with the most voice actors ever, and pretty good ones at that, but sometimes the voice lines get cut off, particularly on the intermission levels. It could just do with more development, as a player it could be difficult to follow at times and I wasn't too sure what was going on half the time. The bevy of custom music was welcome, though. Can't fault that.

Overall it's certainly an interesting pack, but for everything it does right you could probably find something wrong with it. If you're willing to put up with some annoyances it's probably worth checking out at least once.


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