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Subject: Re: [RELEASED] [u1][ut]Falcon Outpost

Post Posted: 24 Oct 2013, 19:25

I liked the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark type style of a relatively open level with objectives to handle in any order. Playing on Unreal the challenge seemed decent enough; I felt in danger but died rarely, and was just stretched for ammo enough that I couldn't spam my most effective weapons but didn't get frustrated with how little I had. The architecture did a nice job with focusing on broad strokes over small details (to the point the couple of corridors and similar that did felt slightly ill-fitting in comparison). I did find a funny bug though as one of the windows in the research area is non-solid: http://imgur.com/uRQteEc (probably really dark as I need to set up my screenshot program properly) . A good level although I don't think it has enough "wow" in any area to go beyond that.
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