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Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 22 Feb 2016, 15:41
by salsaSkaarj
Interesting read.
So basically it's the story which has been modified/revamped/updated, but the maps already made remain in place (and if I read between the lines, there are already more ready than in the demo)?

Will a new demo be uploaded in the near future? Or are you envisageing a release of the complete pack? (and ... contrary to my general stance on these matters - any time frame?)

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 22 Feb 2016, 21:24
by ArchGrey
Yeah, all the maps remain.
We're planning to add another level more in the coming new demo, as well as some minor fixes, improvements and changes to the existing ones. The date of a new Beta Demo release is not currently defined... but we're working on it, and it won't take too long, I assure you =)

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 24 Feb 2016, 10:56
by UTupi
Go go go! \o/

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 27 Feb 2016, 08:24
by ArchGrey

By the way, there is another serious matter to discuss... It concerns the whole development process, and the release of the new demo, as well as the addon itself, directly depends on it.
We are currently in desperate need of additional mappers.
Yes, we have the building process on track, and the addon will be finished anyway, sooner or later. But there are only two active mappers now, and it's more likely "later" unless we find someone to help us make it "sooner". Someone productive, creative and eager to work for the greater good of expanding the world of originally spirited Unreal further more!
We tried to look for some help in Russian community, but unfortunately haven't got much success. Of course, everyone is interested in having a cool new mission pack, but the very few are ready to *work* in order to have it. It's understandable, yes. But without more people to speed the mapping, we are just sentenced to move too slow...
There is yet another problem that's in some difficulty because of linguistic divide - only one team member - me, ArchGrey - can speak English fluently (or close to that =) ) But don't let that keep you from trying, if you feel like you wanna help us - I can speak for the team and help to sort any unclear things out! ;) You will be provided with the full scenario with detailed description of every level planned to be built, and given any necessary advice/explanations during the process.
The Unreal Universe was always so multi-national after all!...

So, to sum it up short:
We welcome any mapper who is ready to help Another Reality come true.
No deadline responsibility, no totalitarian demands - any help will be appreciated. :)

Feel free to ask anything and to share your thoughts here, or PM me with any questions/suggestions, any time.
Thank you in advance for your concern! We hope this won't be ignored.

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 27 Feb 2016, 17:58
by Sat42
ArchGrey wrote:At last! We have something to show! - As mentioned before, it's the new hero concept and a quick storyline insight. [...]

Here's the new info [...]

Very interesting read! Good luck with the continuation of this ambitious project :)

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 28 Feb 2016, 08:05
by ArchGrey
Thanks a lot! It's really important for us to have your support and feedback! ;)

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 28 Feb 2016, 22:32
by salsaSkaarj
I sincerely hope someone from here can help out!!

edit: damn, I forgot to write "hope" so ArchGray got the impression that I was offering to help out. (hence the edit)
Unfortunatley the only help I could give would be in playtesting ::: no mapping skills at all :(

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 29 Feb 2016, 07:23
by ArchGrey
Whoa, thanks!.. I will PM you asap.

Edit: It's ok, we got everything cleared out now. Happens to everyone =)
And yeah, you can always help as beta-tester, especially when we got new demo ready.

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 25 Mar 2016, 12:24
by ArchGrey
Hello, everyboby!

We've got some fresh visuals for you concerning the progress on Another Reality!

This video was made by Unrealdoom, our project's lead developer. It presents the newest updates on previously unreleased Level №25 - titled 'Heavy Clouds'
We just thought that an actual gameplay video will be more... illustrative, than just series of screenshots.
Enjoy watching it! :) Feedback is appreciated!

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 25 Mar 2016, 14:12
by UBerserker
Were you supposed to jump in the pit or there was an elevator nearby?

Either way, feels good, some areas seem to be devoid of Skaarj. Also the music really didn't fit, Cyrene was made for crypts and I feel Crater.umx would be better, plus it also has an action and tension songsections.

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 26 Mar 2016, 00:38
by Sat42
VERY Unreal-like!
Exciting stuff :D

I agree with UB that Crater.umx would fit in well in this case.

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 02 Apr 2016, 09:58
by ArchGrey
Thanks for your comments, and sorry for a late response!

UBerserker wrote:Were you supposed to jump in the pit or there was an elevator nearby?

Unrealdoom says: "Both. As shown in the video, there is an elevator, but it is blocked by the barriers and used only to get up. The barriers will be removed once the player trigger the lift from the pit, where he is supposed to jump in, yes. There are some crates below containing Flak cannon ammo, they can be destroyed from upper level, and that's supposed to help the player making a decision to jump down, though losing some hp. "

About the music.

Unrealdoom: "I think that Cyrene is suitable to this level too - both Cyrene and Crater create a pressing dark atmosphere perfect for pre-final events, but Cyrene is just my personal choice... And music tracks from Unreal97 are less widely used in SP projects than the original music themes, I believe :)
Funny thing, when I was playing Zora's Unreal Beta pack, I actually thought Cyrene was totally unfit to the level it was used on...

And by the way, just to mention - Crater.umx is playing on "Abandoned Mine" which is next to "Heavy Clouds". :)"

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 02 Jul 2016, 13:42
by ArchGrey
Hello, guys! We are alive, and still here!
We are keeping the work on the project and happy to present you a few new screenshots of "Bad Lands" - Level 9, the large terrain area, turned to a devastated desert by the Mercenaries' industrial complex operations.

► Show Spoiler


BTW, on this occasion, we'd like to remind you that our team is still in need of additional mappers! If you have the skill, the time for work on our maps, and the most important - the wilingness to help the project! - feel free to contact me (ArchGrey), and we'll discuss our possible further actions.
Good luck, stay Unreal!
Feedback is much appreciated.

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 13:57
by ArchGrey
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone, and so on :D :wink:

We decided to show a few more screenshots... most of the views can be seen in the latest video (, but these particular ones deserve a little more special attention.

A ramified grid of underground tunnels interspersed with industrial structures. Here lies (probably) the first tarydium deposit located by the Skaarj. Initially, the intensivity of mineral extraction was growing fast as well as energy consumption of the mine, so a high capacity generator connected with a central powernode was set in place, and it appears to be still functional.
unrealdoom: I admit that what you see on this screenshot may look pretty similar to Rradjigar and other skaarj mines. But I must also point out the fact that another musical background and environmental atmosphere should work on player's mind just right and change the impressions drastically."


Moving forward... The underground complex, though not working as a tarydium source any more, was not completely abandoned by its owners. A sort of a "detention center" was built here, the screenshot is actually taken from the security room. At first, the idea was in creating an additional full level looking like an underground prison, from the player was meant to escape. Now it became just one of "Heavy Clouds" locations, but still it's a place of interest - and danger, indeed! It was designed to keep the prisoners from escaping, so it may prove to be much fun with the brutes on the upper levels and a sniper too...


Another pic to show the ex-importance of the complex - some mysterious abandoned industrial building with the reserve lights still on. Yes, the picture looks too dark may be, but there is an uncrossible pit hidden in this darkness, so we'll look on that building from the other side of it. Those strange platforms were built for the technical stops for cargo mine cars, which moved in numbers here, when complex was still operational.

These two pics are a visual reminder for us that we are now lost in the middle of the hostile territory, almost face to face with the enemy, near the Mothership. This bleak gloomy is very unfriendly itself, local mountains are holding the air defense turrets, the skies are being teared apart by roaring Skaarj Fighters and rampant thunderstorms.

The next pair of pics are from the second Outpost, which is presented in the 'Heavy Clouds'video, but now the outpost has been modificated - and the recent changes are shown below.

And finally - tha place where exit from the level is located. Yet another Tarydium plant, which reminds of the second AR level's ending. Fully built by one person, our mapper King89.
Here is the outside and inside views.

Thanks for your attention, as always, feedback is appreciated!
And happy holidays yet again! :wink:

Re: [Unreal Gold v227G+] Another Reality

Posted: 04 Jan 2017, 00:37
by Buff Skeleton
Though basic, the architecture manages to look pretty good -- and almost directly channel the Unreal / RTNP style. Really convincing homage to the originals, in a good way!

Skaarj stuff, though, stands out the most for its low-poly nature. Jazz that up some more. But the others are all pretty solid for an U1-themed vibe.