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[RELEASED] [ut] Unreal Grief Chapter 2

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What should my next project be?

Unreal Grief Chapter 3
In the Air
Something New?! :D
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Subject: Re: [RELEASED] [ut] Unreal Grief Chapter 2

Post Posted: 21 Jun 2011, 14:38

In The Air -- you already started it (speedmap), so just wrap it up and then move forward to e.g. Grief 3. That's my suggestion.
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Subject: Re: [RELEASED] [ut] Unreal Grief Chapter 2

Post Posted: 21 Jun 2011, 18:34

I agree with Delacroix, although you would kill two birds with one stone if you put In The Air somewhere in Grief's third chapter.

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Subject: Re: [RELEASED] [ut] Unreal Grief Chapter 2

Post Posted: 03 Jan 2012, 01:35

Don't mean to bump an old thread but finally got around to playing this yesterday/today. I never played UG1 so wasn't sure what to expect, just wanted something old school Unreal-like. Wasn't dissapointed in that regard, but the pack is very short, and I felt a bit surprised that it was over. So maybe there is a lack of climax at the end or something? Seems the story basically got introduced later in the pack and then ended without me knowing that was my main mission. I got the feeling I was on a sub-mission of some sort, and then it ended when I finished it. The town on the island seemed to have some buildings sort of just strewn about, but the other maps got better imo. And even though it wasn't hugely architecturally striking, it was still fun to play, and I'll definitely play a 3rd installment. It's fun to play a shorter pack sometimes, so it doesn't seem like such a choir to finish.
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