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NOVA RE: Release! V0.00

Posted: 20 Apr 2018, 13:14
by UTNerd24
Development is currently Halted until further interest is sought. I wish to go against Ividyon's advice and see if I can make this a campaign.
Resource data has been fixed, but I am still looking for any members that are interested.


The primary approach of this campaign-to-be is to provide the same Sensory-Overload that EXU2 does, but focuses mainly on bosses; a Boss Rush if you will. There is a story, however I will attempt to limit it to certain character's summaries and other catalysts.

Story (For those who care)

Many Aeons in the future, The Universe, miraculously, still exists. Mankind, in defiance of prophecy, has stabilized It's institutions, and even survived priority threats such as climate change and the death of the Sun. Through large-scale augmentations and the historical one-shot operation of swapping our star for a recently born one. The Universe is at peace.
That was, until mankind, and in extension, the Universe was made aware of a new threat : The Death of Time itself.
Residing in the dead-center of the known universe, lays an undying and omnipresent entity, colloquially known as "The All". It is informed of the tragedy that is beginning to unfold and makes no hesitation towards figuring a justified solution...

The following day, The All announces the opening of a Be-all-end-all Tournament, and seeks the most powerful gods and demigods alike to duke it out until only one remains. The rules are as follows: "Winning competitors may move up in the ladder. Losers will be stripped of their powers and/or immortality status. The overall winner will be granted omnipresence and the administration of the New Universe along with any ideals the victor may posses.” While many argue that this is no time for games, The All simply states that it wants to be assured that the ruler of the New Universe is CAPABLE of doing so.

You happen to be one of the selected warriors. After a tie game in the final round of the Demigod Division, you were placed in Cryogenic Suspension until deemed worthy of fighting again. All you gotta do is wake up, conquer the Proving Grounds and shatter the dreams of the poor sucker who opposes you...
Then... You can finally play God, Towards a NEW REALITY.

V0.00 is Now Available! Get it Here! >>> ... SwxDc2Zz6l <<<

Well that was fucking stupid, wasn't it?

ROADMAP - Planned Features

-A collection of weapons to add alongside the already diverse loadout of EXU2.
-Re-Themed and enlarged takes on maps from the Unreal Campaign along some RTNP and Beta maps.
-Many, MANY bosses. As well as some strange and stupid minor enemies.
-At least 3 CA Maps. While I plan for the campaign to be strictly singleplayer, I wish to create some Co-Op maps out of fear that I wont properly know how to balance the main series. As such, said maps will use the standard EXU2 resources.
-In what seems to be a tradition, a selection of Cybernetika and Xenofish scores to accompany the chaos.
-Collosi-Scale encounters to fuel that power-fantasy you've been dreaming of without resorting to cheats.
-Obligatory flattery of those who inspired me to get to the position of mind I'm at :wink:


If this is going to get anywhere, I will require some assistance in a few other categories. The main hurdle being the fact that I have only basic coding experience myself. But I'll try my best!


I eagerly await the response of anyone who takes interest! I feel that together we can accomplish something unique! I'm not aiming for Groundbreaking, just something that will turn heads!


Re: [V7.2] NOVA RE: An EXU2 Campaign. Recruiting! Roadmap set.

Posted: 20 Apr 2018, 21:30
by Buff Skeleton
Slightly different scenario here, but still applies:

If you can't do the mapping yourself, this simply isn't going to happen. Our community is small too, and even if it was still at its peak, no one with mapping skill would sign on to make someone else's ideas if they could work on their own instead. Do you think there are, or ever were, people with editing skills but no imagination who simply need[ed] an "ideas guy" to direct them? Imagination is what draws people to the editor in the first place.

Figure out your editor issues and get working on it yourself and you might see this project come to light. Mapping is 99% of the work required for any project like this, which means if you want your project to come to light, you have to do the work yourself.

[V7.2] NOVA RE: Cancelled.

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 02:47
by UTNerd24
Project cancelled.
Because Unreal ed Crashes on startup for no reason and running under Steam, there is no possible functionality.

Re: [V7.2] NOVA RE: Cancelled.

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 02:56
by Buff Skeleton
Well it doesn't have to be all or nothing. I mean, your editor issues probably aren't hard to solve. Why are you running UT through Steam anyway? Can't you just move the entire UT folder or run the UnrealEd.exe directly? I actually haven't messed with the steam version of UT, but from what I've seen of other games, the Steam integration is often totally optional once you get the game downloaded, especially for older games.

Otherwise, what error does it give you on startup? You might want to post a thread about that to get it figured out since the editor is not very difficult to use once you get going with it and read tutorials on the basics, some of which we have are very very good (like Proph's beginner tuts).

Re: [V7.2] NOVA RE: Cancelled.

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 03:15
by UTNerd24

Re: [V7.2] NOVA RE: Cancelled.

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 03:25
by Buff Skeleton
lol, instant crash. I don't have Win10 so I can't say how it performs there, but you may need to mess around with compatibility settings and disabling desktop composition and ensuring you run as an administrator, etc.

Re: [V7.2] NOVA RE: In Limbo.

Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 03:40
by UTNerd24
That's the thing. Im using 8.1 But While ive decided against cancelling this altogether, I would rather this be put in "Limbo": Experimenting with possible solutions to the problem before concluding it is dead or alive

Turns out the problem was Data Execution. But now I have a working editor. As for the person who offered to help with the maps, You're still welcome to participate. I could use someone for second opinions and whatnot.