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Re: [v7] G59 -Episode 1-

Posted: 16 Jan 2018, 18:59
by UBerserker
Testing phase has been reached, so expect possibly a release this weekend or next week.

[v7.1] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 20 Jan 2018, 14:56
by UBerserker

Episode 2 is here, the classic first half of the campaign that most people played. It includes three juggernauts maps and the outro. They play quite uniquely than the first part of G59 and to EXU2 BI as a whole. Approach fights in a different way.

A new item, the Enhanced Supreme Shield Belt (dubbed as ExtraBelt), has been introduced. It is an orange variant of the regular EXUShieltBelt, with 1600 as charge and it counts separately.

The following are changes to the Episode 1 maps:
  • GENERAL CHANGES - The Magatsu texture packs have been removed.
  • Desperate Dystopia - Slightly less enemies now appear on Easy difficulty.
  • The Limbo - All DemonFuckers and DemonWarlords are filtered off from Easy difficulty.
  • The Limbo - Removed a group of Coop-only DemonPupae.
  • The Limbo - Removed an unused thingfactory with its spawnpoint.
  • The Limbo - Added one more ClusterShockFlare in the final valley.
  • The Limbo - Gatekeepers didn't have applied sounds for their attacks. It's fixed now.
  • The Limbo - Added a Coop-only Translocator for the second checkpoint area.
  • The Limbo - Mountain textures are brighter.
  • Chemical Purifier Boundary - Removed the hidden Magatsu textures.
  • Chemical Purifier Boundary - Removed the EXUThighPads in the Boundary's Edge area.
  • God of the Sun - The ExcessiveBioTentacles in the storage now appear on Hard/Unreal only.

If you have the G59MG_Queen.utx and G59MG_Skaarj.utx texture packs from the older versions of G59, get rid of them. They are fully out of commission.

Hopefully no game breaking bugs but I will warn you:
  • Do not ghost in Map 4 (Manitou) and Map 6 (Elohim). Especially Manitou. If you look at the crowded sections of the levels, the game hardcrashes. This counts for the editor too. Unfortunately that's the engine's limits and I have no way to fix. So if you want to ghost, try to look at the void while moving around.
  • There are extremely rare occurrences the game will crash upon saving. Unfortunately, this is absolutely random and engine-related, so I can't fix.
  • Not a bug but a reminder the Piddledoper's tertiary fire is capable of stunning targets in one place. It will be of GREAT HELP, trust me.

With this release, I'll stop working on G59 for at least one month. This is the first half of the campaign and generally the most appreciated one, so get a load of what's released. So please play and enjoy and comment!

Re: [v7] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 20 Jan 2018, 19:08
by Diego96

[v7.1] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 20 Jan 2018, 19:15
by UBerserker
I forgot to say this. If you have a save in Tonatiuh (Map3), the door to the Manitou is still locked unless you restart the level and do everything there again.
You can instead simply ghost through the Manitou door and walk at the end of the inner corridor, since the teleport actor was already there in advance.

Re: [v7.1] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 28 Jan 2018, 03:10
by Diego96
I conquered my fears and I got through it all yet again (I stopped before Voidness back in RevolveR release). Had a lot of fun doing it and I found at least 2 screamer missiles. It also ran stable with my low-end netbook.

Re: [v7.1] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 16:16
by UBerserker
Diego96 wrote:Had a lot of fun doing it and I found at least 2 screamer missiles.

Yeah, you get the LAW in Manitou and get additional missiles each in Void and Elohim. To be honest though it's a clunky weapon to use. The damage isn't that amazing, and the RFPC's secondary is much more friendly as a crowd-cleaner tool.

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 12:29
by UBerserker ... AfJE4JYfVb (also added in the main post under the two mirrors as MINIPATCH).
Manitou level updated, get this absolutely.

Turns out that suddenly the Manitou's demon spawning sequence had a random chance of permanently failing to work, probably because zone-spawning wasn't suited for how cramped (for EXU standards) the level is. I'm not sure if this is due to 7.2 (you can run G59 under 7.2, shouldn't impact any of the related actors) since before Ep2 release I tested at least 20+ times that part and never had any issue.
Now the spawning is all radius based around the nodes and there's no way this should ever break. This also fixes the rare issue of certain Demon pawns spawning in the locked areas around the core chambers.

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 14:38
by Semfry
Played through it and had no issues outside the spawn one listed above that's now hopefully fixed. Balance seemed fine, the shrine felt a little low on armour but I was able to get by. The boss in Manitou seemed a bit odd because it was confined to such a small room and frequently got stuck without getting through the door, so you could just nuke it from outside that room. I guess the darkness makes it seem bigger than it is, but it was interesting how Serve the Void managed to combine at least parts of Boundry, Foundary, and the terrain outside.

The shrine is one of the most unique levels I've seen, both in theme and overall structure, and both halves of it felt like something new. The portals and working out the structure led to nice exploration and created diversity in the combat. I also liked how the "dark" side texturing seemed to be like a peek into what Dead Cell could have been. The boss was also a good pseudo-puzzle, although getting it to actually walk into the chambers took some time occasionally. Even if you don't like the gameplay style of these maps I'd say it's worth playing just for the creativity of this level alone. As the end of the episode the last map felt a bit anti-climatic; you get the cool reveal but then the actual boss is really easy, given the creature was supposed to be a shape-shifter I was expecting it to come back in a more dangerous form or something, but it just died. The dark Skaarj almost seemed a little too fast, because it seems a little silly when they leap a huge distance in the air and cross half the map, which stuck out in the outdoors of the last part.

Also I feel like how the Translocator works on the "dark" enemies should be how it works for Translocator immune enemies in general; just having it bounce off with an effect feels fairer than getting insta-gibbed. The broken translocator also led to issues as I broke it during the shrine boss fight and then had to cheat to reach certain parts for a bit (it did come back after a while, and I'm not sure if that's a time thing or something else).

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 16:50
by UBerserker
Good job and thanks! My favorite of the Ep2 levels definitely ended up being Void - it's unpredictable, it's a looker in terms of visual overhaul and it's more atmosphere-driven than usual (while lacking in the fun department for the most part).
Manitou kinda immediately looked old and dated but the interconnectivity between areas and the unexpected mood shifts carry it. Elohim is Elohim.

Semfry wrote:The boss in Manitou seemed a bit odd because it was confined to such a small room and frequently got stuck without getting through the door, so you could just nuke it from outside that room.

Technically yeah, it's intended. I was afraid he was too strong and if he'd chase you he'd be too annoying. Also, it makes kinda sense that he would remain in the command room and do the imperative thing of not letting anyone near the big control panel.

Semfry wrote:I also liked how the "dark" side texturing seemed to be like a peek into what Dead Cell could have been.

Aww yeah, I was almost getting rid of HourKraden in favor of richrig but there were very few available textures and it didn't work. The HourKraden idea came from Fallout 3/NV's vaults design.

Semfry wrote:As the end of the episode the last map felt a bit anti-climatic; you get the cool reveal but then the actual boss is really easy, given the creature was supposed to be a shape-shifter I was expecting it to come back in a more dangerous form or something, but it just died.

Besides the big natural force there showing itself, the map is nothing more than a transition and an "escape" level of sorts. Elohim is the true mid-way climax, both gameplay-wise and also story-wise; when the next levels are out, you'll eventually notice no more Bane bodies (as well as no more "unknown logs") after Elohim. You as the player is the first iteration to get out of Elohim alive. Most will be explained in the final few maps.

Semfry wrote:Also I feel like how the Translocator works on the "dark" enemies should be how it works for Translocator immune enemies in general; just having it bounce off with an effect feels fairer than getting insta-gibbed. The broken translocator also led to issues as I broke it during the shrine boss fight and then had to cheat to reach certain parts for a bit (it did come back after a while, and I'm not sure if that's a time thing or something else).

It's more of an issue of how the xloc disc easily breaks. It only bounces, never break, if the disc bumps on enemies. Splash damage however can easily break discs which is why you never see something like this happening with Shadows as they have melee attacks only (those cannot break the discs). As far as G59 goes, translocator is mostly used for platforming/movement/retreating purposes.
Using the xloc against Berith isn't really necessary, besides putting a disc behind those large pillars for a quick retreat; a good strat would be luring the boss inside the trap rooms, and going all rambo with the PP's tertiary fire on him as you run outside. You'll likely lose health (or the UltraBelt shield charge, which doesn't go down easily unless you literally stand in the line of fire of the boss for many seconds) as you hit the boss when you go out of the trap room due to the splash damage (and make sure the boss stays between those opposite pairs of "fountains"). On the other side, the PP's tertiary fire does stun him in its place for 3 seconds or so after every stun orb, which makes it easy to set up the trap.

General news here - of course, due to Xeops, I haven't done any progress on G59 since Ep2 release. Going fast here isn't a necessity since the number of people playing G59 is small - maybe some might want to wait for the full thing but I always recommend to immediately play what's out. I want to get back on track this May.

As many should know the Magatsu section is next but I did never hide the fact of how much of a stinker that group of maps has always been compared to anything else. Great concept, bland execution, visuals being either very fresh/bizzarre (the outdoor) and downright ugly (indoor).

Since I'm having the freedom of changing the story a bit, I had this idea: throw to the dumpster the old three maps and replacing them with one huge and completely new map; something that makes a big impact without overextending instead of having three levels under the same theme that may be fillery as a whole (I'm trying to have every core G59 map to be worth its own, i.e. relevant and distinct). Making one new map will also take overall less time than revamping three of them, as I'm not brought down by the original geometry of the levels, especially in the light that these maps caused me to halt G59's development for years due to lack of ideas. I'm not going to repeat the same mistakes again.

Lastly yeah this would also get rid of the anomaly of the Magatsu story/location phase lasting three levels instead of everything else in G59 that's encapsulated in single defining levels. Big plus to consistency.

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 28 Mar 2018, 00:45
by UBerserker
Roadmap is on.
Tomorrow I will fix the smallest things from the released levels. I'm planning to do this first step all in one day, and will then release a patchlog of what's changed for the next and FINAL version.
Yes, whatever's the next G59 update, it will be the final one for the v7 edition (and hopefully the final in a long ass time lol). It will likely take months but I'm going for the quickest shortcut there's. Reason is pretty obvious: I want to be done with G59 as fast as possible because any additional time and effort put into it is simply a waste. Having a clean campaign with around 10 impactful/relevancy-filled maps is the main objective (10-11 maps campaign was the very first G59 plan back in 2011, which fits).

Quickly, I will begin making the new and only Magatsu map. A chaotic, hi-tech surreal atmosphere will be the basis of the theme, with the level itself looking like a dark red abandoned alien city of sorts; once again, the scale is going to be huge, meaning I can artificially extend the level longevity with a lot of tense battles and long creepy walks that wouldn't look out of place in a bizzarro dream. I think if anyone played that Primal game on PS2, and remember the hub area (specifically the large eerie areas leading to each realm) might know what I'm trying to do here - definitely way more nightmarish than that, though.
Most of the old Magatsu messages will make it in (especially about their rituals and brainwashings) but the main story progression in that phase of the campaign may change dramatically.
I'm already brainstorming the layout and all, hopefully it'll take 1 month to make; and unlike Xeops, I don't have to deal with massive texturing/lighting matters since that's not truly the scope in EXU - maps here are more memorable for their what-the-flying-fuck themes and atmosphere which G59 has played on moooore than anything else known in Unreal, and that's what makes the mappack so interesting and memorable.

After the Magatsu map is done, it will be the time for the Abyss/Verflucht/Atropos to make their way into v7. They were already very complete levels but a lot of things have to be adjusted or as well, added. Then there's the ending scene and that's it, G59 will be completed then and I'm free to do anything else I wish.
Changed the OST listing to reflect the final plan.

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 01:26
by UBerserker
Changes for the released maps done:
  • Desperate Dystopia - You start now with 150 HP instead of 90.
  • Desperate Dystopia - The music turns off when you die.
  • Desperate Dystopia - Lighting has been improved.
  • The Limbo - The Gatekeepers will immediately seek for you when they appear.
  • The Limbo - Various texturing and lighting changes.
  • The Limbo - Removed an erroneously added waterzone in the side sewer area.
  • Chemical Purifier Boundary - Rescaled the desert textures in the outdoor area.
  • Chemical Purifier Boundary - No slime sounds should be heard now, wasn't intended.
  • Chemical Purifier Boundary - Minor lighting changes.
  • God of the Sun - Tonatiuh will actively hunt players on spawn.
  • God of the Sun - Ambient wind sound has been toned down to be less annoying.
  • Universal Hyper Dreadnought -MANITOU- - Assassin's water form's melee damage increased from 400 to 800.
  • Universal Hyper Dreadnought -MANITOU- - Moowis is now immune to telefrags, melee damage increased to 750, should be more aggressive.
  • Serve the Void - Four DoomTroopers have been added (two out of Easy mode) and one MechBag has been removed.
  • Mausoleum of Elohim - Berith's health in Easy/Medium/Hard lowered from 200000 to 170000.
  • Jrath - Boss' movement speed increased.

Also, finally something I wanted to add to G59 has been done: the SAINTS GUN, also known as the Heaven's Piercer.
From Magatsu onward, once again you won't have the HellGun as 80% of the enemies faced will be of Demon nature, therefore immune to Hell damage. Unlike the previous campaign this time it gets the proper Saints replacement.
Still uses the Minigun's mesh with a bright skin, the firemodes are:
  • Primary fire shoots extremely precise white fast-travelling orbs that deal base 350 Sainted damage. The rate of fire is double the Hellgun. Costs 1 ammo.
  • Secondary fire shoots big ass holy beams that deal around 2000 damage. Blast radius is there, ammo consumption is 30. Rate of fire is the same as the Hellgun's secondary, which isn't bad.
  • Since it's of Saints origin, the weapon lacks flashiness, which is in theme. Saints is about order, not chaos. It's made to be clear to the eye. It's a high-range precision weapon overall.
  • There's no damage stacking unlike the HellGun. However, all Demons pawn are weak to Sainted damage, usually taking double damage. The fact that it's light on the ammo helps a lot. Magatsu are also weak to Sainted damage.
  • The weapon does not hurt its owner. That's right, you can use the explosive beam right on your face and get zero damage. It damages other players though (only the instigator is immune).
  • Ammo cap is 600.

Weapon is still being balanced at the moment and the ammo actor hasn't been created yet but that will be done quickly. You'll immediately obtain the weapon at the beginning of the Magatsu map.

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 02:50
by Diego96
Will both guns share the same button slot?

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 2-

Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 12:41
by UBerserker
Diego96 wrote:Will both guns share the same button slot?

Same, since you'll be losing the Hellgun.

[v7.2] G59 -Episode 3-

Posted: 30 Jun 2018, 21:32
by UBerserker

Episode 3 contains EVERYTHING except the last map and the ending which might be out sometime in the future or not. Below is the patchlog, new bugs are mentioned in the readme.


Episode 3 comes with three more maps (Magatsu, Abyss and Verflucht) and all-purpose changes to the previously released episodes' content.
The changelog was way too big that I've decided to spit out the most important changes for each category below. A lot of changes are not mentioned and these usually belong to irrelevant item/enemy placement.

While you can continue from where you left off, especially if it was right before Map 8 (the end of Episode 2), it's recommended to start from zero to get the best advantages from the gameplay balance changes.

The three new maps are generally tougher in terms of difficulty and have a lot of gimmicks. Magatsu and Abyss are entirely new maps, while Verflucht is built upon Escape From Na Pali (RTNP's last level).

  • Episode 3 pack comes with everything finalized except EXU2-G59-11-Atropos and the ending level. Overwrite everything, and remove what's not overwritten (which should be just G59-03-Starforgers-SingularityProtocol which has been replaced).
  • New weapons and new independent enemies have been added; they will show up in the last few maps of the campaign.
  • Available on EASY DIFFICULTY ONLY, you'll be gifted at the beginning of map 1 (The Limbo) an orb item that upon activation, will heal you 60 HP per second up to 600; charge is INFINITE. You will have it until the end of Map 10 and won't appear in Coop.
  • Almost all the bosses may have the following pawn tags: Fearless, NoDamagePhysics (can't be thrown around), HFNadeImmune (HyperFlakker grenades fully bounce off them), AutoRetarget, NoInstaKill, Boss, NoDamageStacking.
  • Magatsu and GALGALIM will now attack anyone who isn't part of their race.
  • Tentacle enemies, except a certain miniboss in the campaign, are either removed or appear only in Coop.
  • All maps now have a message showing the level name for presentation purposes (alongside a unique stinger sound).
  • The Extractor, CombatSeeds, MagicArmorSeeds, NuclearFlares, MunitionFlares, GaskillFlares and the LAW/Screamer have been removed. The MagicArmorSeeds are replaced by G59's own DemonlordSeeds (spawn Demonlord's Vests), MunitionFlares and the Screamer are replaced by Hellfire Flares, Fusion Flares, Clustershock Flares or Megablast Flares.
  • The SK6 in G59 is a separate subclass for both weapon and ammo, making use of weapon slot 0 instead of an invisible one.
  • All armor items in the campaign always have their own default charge amount now.
  • Enemies don't drop items anymore. Majority of it is EXUKegs, which doesn't exactly translate to a lot of health lost.
  • All the levels except Verflucht have all textures with high shadow quality on for improved lighting.

Desperate Dystopia
  • Starting HP is 150 instead of 90 and less enemies now appear in the lower difficulties.
  • Lighting improvements and the game over music now plays when you die.

The Limbo
  • Various lighting and texture improvements.
  • Gatekeepers now actively hunt you when they spawn. They also have the BIsBoss property turned on, so their health is increased per difficulty (in order: 80000, 92000, 104000, 116000).
  • Enemies in successive valleys/locations now spawn when you get close to them, to avoid accidental sequence breakings or alerting enemies from another place that you didn't want.
  • The Unreal-difficulty only PentaPower lasts slightly less. A message now also warns about it when you get close to its location.
  • If you didn't get the Hellgun in the second valley, a message warns you when you enter the last section of the level, telling you that you forgot it.
  • The hut meteor strike event has been fixed; it now plays always when you get the TurboHelm.
  • All the Fucker-type Brute pawns have been removed.

Chemical Purifier Boundary
  • Various visual improvements.
  • It's impossible to go back into the level when you access the boss area (the final elevator is the point of no return).
  • Morax's battle now focuses on the HyperFlakker rather than the Hellgun. In the arena you'll find indeed a lot of Hyper cells and much less Hell ammo.

God of the Sun
  • Tonatiuh should be now fairly more aggressive and active.
  • Wind noise volume has been toned down.
  • A bug that caused enemies (mostly Lava Titans) to not cross the solar circlet in the middle of the valley has been fixed.

Universal Hyper Dreadnought -MANITOU-
  • The assassin's melee strikes now deal 1200 damage and he can move faster.
  • Moowis is now more open to get out of his cabin, is overall more aggressive and cannot be telefragged anymore.
  • The Demon ambush wave event is now fixed once for all. Spawnboxes for the nodes were actually spheres, not boxes as I expected, oops.
  • All HyperSkaarj and HyperGasbags (except the big ones) are now Coop-only and most areas now slightly less crowded now. Some Hellspheres have been also removed.
  • Lots of excess ammo removed, as well some invisible pickup ammo in an area.

Serve the Void
  • Some sounds from outside the valley shouldn't be heard anymore inside the facility.
  • Slith pawns are more capable to move inside the pipes now.
  • DoomTroopers have been added and appear in all difficulties. A HavocTrooper has also been added before the exit of the level.

Mausoleum of Elohim
  • Various health/armor items have been added.
  • The Virtues (Saint Warlords exclusive to G59) have now the NoDamageStacking tag like the rest of the Saints, so he's less susceptible to Hellgun damage.
  • Overall balanced the boss battle, with Berith being less stupid to enter the rooms and his resistance to Corroded/Shit damage being completely removed. He's still immune to Exploded and damage and has 50% resistance against Burned damage. Remember that he has no resistance whatsoever against stuns.

  • The boss has been overall buffed - he is very fast and can always kill you in one hit.

Re: [v7.2] G59 -Episode 3-

Posted: 30 Jun 2018, 22:55
by ividyon
Just about time for me to finally check it out! Hope I can get to it soon.