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== Version 7.2 [3-10-2018] Discussion ==

For public discussion of all things EXU2.

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.2 [3-10-2018] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 14 Apr 2018, 14:29

Tell EBM the TML is a godsend.
As for the scraps, you should make a function where they are drawn towards you at a short radius
I mean, I would myself, but I don’t know jack about directional gravity.
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Subject: Re: == Version 7.2 [3-10-2018] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 20 Apr 2018, 05:47

Yeah, like the new Doom. I had considered that, but it's a bit resource-intensive to do it in this game so it'll probably just stick to normal pickups. Fortunately, though, their collision radius is oversized, so you don't have to be right on them to grab them.

I also ended up having to make respawning creatures work through a beacon system. It was too difficult (and in some ways impossible) to make respawning + legless Krall + overlays all work together online. Using a beacon solves all of that. Respawn cancellation triggers still work too, since the respawn beacon keeps a string of the original instance on file, and the cancellation trigger notes the instance as well (storing it as a string there too). When it comes time to find beacons, it searches for all beacons in the map, then compares the stored instance strings. So you still just specify the instances in the list and bam, it handles all the rest itself.

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Subject: Re: == Version 7.2 [3-10-2018] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 20 Apr 2018, 08:26

Gotcha. By the way, I have the roadmap for my own SP project set. Should I wait for 7.3 First or nah?
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Subject: Re: == Version 7.2 [3-10-2018] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 24 Feb 2019, 01:00

The reason I haven't tried any of the CA maps yet are due to their volatile aspect, the idea in itself is not bad, I love that kind, but the way it works doesn't appeal to me that much, Shitstorm is the first map that introduces you to the real thing that this is, respawns and SuperbChargers patrolling, Frostclaw reaching its peaks with its characteristic respawning insanity.

I do love UT99's Monster Hunt gametype, it's just kill baddies from first to next room and on, but you don't have to struggle as much. As you can tell already, I love it as a cakewalk (if you reach the peak of skills) but sort of challenging at the same time

EXU2 kinda just breaks this and makes it frustrating for normal gameplay, because there are moments you just... can't survive.
Look, you can play it securely... but that's being slow... and that makes room for more monsters to spawn
the same goes when playing quickly, you can just suddenly land in a situation where you're just dsadjaskfsjfsafs-ed anyway
It is the same sensation that you can't do anything about it... it's monotone, tiring
WAIT, I can just play the whole thing in Easy but... it's underwhelming :lol:, OK, what i am really asking for is to get good weaponry that I can use normally and can last for an acceptable amount of time, like the Hyper Flakker in Infernal Falls, huge PLUS there :D OH, you know what you can do? read my advice dowwn below =D

Heh, sometimes it is true that someone can love a franchise and not play it..., DOESN'T MEAN ILL STOP EH, after completing a map in a short amount of time after so many tries, it is reaally fulfilling, see how I get so good at it but yet I die soooo many times, GOD, I love Infernal Falls, it is perhaps my favorite EXU2 map at the moment, you can just go ANYWHERE in the map and they gift you the GOD DAMN HYPER FLAKKER, it is also a REALLY BIG open area and it is full of goddies to collect and kill! Gorgeeous! And it doesn't get as random to be unfair, UNLIKE CA maps, and Shitstorm and some of the other EXU2 campaign maps.

Since right know I'm playing Shitstorm, as the tough map that it is, I accept it, it has plenty enough fun parts to mess with hopefully, that's charming :), but I feel there are plenty of places I end up skipping because there is no reason to go to them, and... IDK, why even try, they are frikin hard and IN THE END IT IS A GOD DAMN WASTE, the outside part of the map is empty too, OK there is that castle with the SK6 Missile Launcher but that's just a thing in the corner, which is really well built by the way... wow, just exceptional work there Waff, love the fog and that broken up place, and that hidden place which makes everything blow up in Co-op mode 8) haha

Here's my advice for Shitstorm:

About weaponry: LET MONSTERS DROP AMMO, NOT JUST ARMOR, in the long term that doesn't help shit, gimme JUICY PIDDLEDOPER AMMO, the EnergyAR is a god damn piece of shit (not in Soul Storage :>) and I only use it for sniping enemies or in very specific rare moments where there are many enemies in one line (ok in Shitstorm it isn't that much.. but i know a skip and it makes it kinda worthless, oof.. XD did u watch my video :P), the EnergyAR is also horrible for being criminally slow compared to the piddledoper's swiftness and the monsters that sometimes can be so god fucking damn NiNJASSES while they dance around you and you waiting like an idiot for your EnergyAR to recharge or hit THAT oh GOD, GOD, I CANT STTAND IT, MAKE THE PAIN STOP
I mean, I think you can relate? You have been placing huge brutes in the rocks and that's about it, no more room for baddies and goddies, IT FEELS EMPTY, this ain't the shit you see in Infernal Falls, it'sssss a ssshame
add more land and then add your lovely brutes in there, OH and perhaps some goddies if I get there, like some combat/armor seeds that I HAVENT SEEN ANY lately lol.. just.. one combat seed.. in infernal falls.
so uuuh you gave me a shit ton flares and clusterfucker ammo in Infernal Falls, what's the shit you gift in Shitstorm? NOTHING? oh, the shit itself? WELL SHIT LOL
ik there's also the SK6 Launcher but to me this are extra battle flares, you can only use it in important situations which surprisingly there aren't much.. i already have like 10 cluster shock flares and 10-12 SK6 missiles m8, that's like 22, when will I USE THEM, in shitstorm I get to use 1 SK6 on that bitchy turbo queen, oh, and 1 cluster shock on a giant turbo gasbag

anyways take this as a grain of salt, just sayin'

that's all for now I think ^^ Take care :)
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Subject: Re: == Version 7.2 [3-10-2018] Discussion ==

Post Posted: 07 Apr 2019, 12:52

Really looking forward to the next update! This mod deserves more love!
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