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F XAN BSS ~ EXcessive videos! ☆

Posted: 11 Feb 2017, 23:04
See me absolutely destroy EXU2 in UNREAL difficulty :D

EXU2: Batshit Insane 7.2
Progress: Map 2/16 --- 12,5%
Click here for YouTube Playlist or open below spoiler that has rlly good visuals.

G59 -RevolveR- X (OLD)
I'm hoping I will complete this campaign someday! (EDIT: no u, a newer version is already out, dumbass :>)
Progress: "The Hyper Boundary Gate" HAS BEEN ADDED. FINALLY
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G59 -RevolveR- X Secrets (OLD)
Here I help you to find some priceless stuff... (EDIT: haha lmao shit. THEY DONT EXIST NOW)
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Re: FXANBSS' EXcessive Videos

Posted: 12 Feb 2017, 00:47
by UBerserker
Good job on VOIDNESS, I also really like the fact you have separated the main run from the secret stuff!

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 09:28
The Hyper Boundary Gate IS DONE!! CHECK IT OUT! :wink:

It's been a while since my last activity of the last G59 video.

Well, after a long wait a lot of things happened, including a new laptop which's got incredible features and thanks to it, the making of Map 03 (Hyper Boundary Gate) video was possible on a never seen:
- Godlike quality
- Fake 4k (Re-sized Full HD(2k), this was done on purpose, as I've added a little sharp effect to make the difference between 2k and 4k, I recommend to watch it on 4k even if your screen is smaller, as it increases the bitrate, the quality. AND most importantly to instantly unlock the youtube "vp9" codec which is the way to godlike quality).
- Fast-phased Gameplay (The main purpose of this video, as it should have been before, now this has reached the Batshit Insane levels \o/ going crazy but doing it gloriously. I DID EVEN BEAT THE TIME I DID ON THE LIMBO, BUT THIS MAP IS LIKE 150% longer than THAT!!)
- Balance between serious, exciting and funny. (Well, let's say I didn't deal more damage to myself than Morax :lol: )

If you noticed something out of understanding, don't tell me, I know.

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 11:47
by UBerserker
Except the fact the two vids aren't up lol

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 29 Jul 2017, 20:48
:o Oh... I was in a rush and I simply forgot the most important detail...! :rolleyes: (I've been very late at night)
I apologize! It's definitely up now. 8)

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 17 Feb 2019, 00:08
Jesus christ it's almost been 2 years since my last update lol

I've still got my plans, some nice ones I thought of yesterday when I briefly got back into the amazing godlike tracks of the EXU2 experience, I'll talk about them:

My next update will be EXU2: Batshit Insane related, G59 -Revolver- X has been in hold since my dog ate the Perditus Paradisus recording and I then I burned my house due to my pure outrage, I'm glad 'cause now a newer un-shittier version of G59 is now out. (aw I miss the old Perditus Paradisus look)

Since I'll go through EXU2: BI first (as a warm up for G59 :>) (UUH maybe both at the same time) and now that current G59 doesn't have the important hidden items (pillars) which made me make extra spicy videos, it now made me think of this way instead:

There is 2 ways that I can possibly play the level, there is the n00b way and the HOLY SHIT way:

1. n00b way: Involves being a coward and stupid ass bastard that completes the map in dirty (but rlly smart) ways, sometimes even skipping parts of the map If I feel like it, Shitstorm is gonna be an extreme case the time you get to see it.

2. HOLY SHIT: I try to make a 100% playthrough of the whole map, killing every dumb fucker in the way, getting every item, and completing it in the way I feel it should be played, UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE so I WILL DELETE THE RECORDING AND DO IT ALL AGAIN

I have one thought about the n00b way.. I'm not sure if Waff really gives a fuck about getting out of map, because I easily can, though I noticed that some parts do block my translocator.. I dunno man
But in the case of G59 I'm EXCESSIVELY sure you're not allowed to do that but I'll do it anyway.

here is a dumb spoiler
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Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 17 Feb 2019, 17:45
THERE WE GO (edit: this shit is old, don't watch.. b*tch)

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 06:55
:O (edit: this has a billion flaws, watch the new one god dammit)

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 08:13
Hey people! I finally now made a video worthy showcasing Waffnuffly's Hellcastle, showing off Diego96's ReShade settings, a trillion thanks to him for appearing about the same time I began making this stuff again :) It's a bless.

Part 1 and 2 will be re-done sometime soon, but expect some Part 3 - Shitstorm related stuff first!

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 09:42
by SteadZ
Well... that's certainly one way to get around lol


Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 20 Feb 2019, 01:03
hey =D here i skip both map 2 and 3... :lol:

Full playthrough for map 3 will be soon after the re-done of map 1 and 2!

EDIT: NEW REDONE of Damnation, complete! Brightness improved but not fully enough yet... You will witness the absolute glory once Infernal Falls REDONE arrives!

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 20 Feb 2019, 23:54
by Diego96
Dis gon be gud

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 21 Feb 2019, 08:12

Infernal Falls is OUT and I addressed all the god damn issues!

Vids used to have 4K quality but something fucked up in the oven after a few vids BUT HERE IS IT NOW, COMPLETED IN A TIME OF 13:37 WITH INCREDIBLE VISUALS AND BETTER BRIGHTNESS BY DIEGO96, thanks mane. :tup:

OH, and check out the main post! I updated it, now you can watch the full current EXU2 playlist. \o/

Enough shitty warm up, Next in the blacklist is Shitstorm, prepare urself, i'll kick yo ass :D

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 22 Feb 2019, 00:15

so UUH, I wasn't expecting to pull out something like this so... quickly. Was just a random thought "what if i launch myself with shit" then apparently I can just precisely land in that tower, WHICH APPARENTLY MAKES EVERYTHING SO FUCKING EASY, OH GOD, this changes my view of the map completely!

You can even try it yourself, IT IS SO FUCKING EASY it's ridiculous!!!

This makes this map worthless, dude, I am so pretty confident now I can just say even Map 2: Infernal Falls is harder now, lmao XD
I mean, you're pretty much already done with the main part which I believe it is one of the most time-consuming parts? Ok, now we can all stop hiding like a lil b*tch and do it like a real moron \o/ 8)

Re: FXan ~ EXU2 videos

Posted: 23 Feb 2019, 03:19
i woke up sleepy

but good news, i learned the route, it's trying until it just works :>