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G59 -RevolveR- X [OBSOLETE]

Posted: 08 Apr 2016, 22:55
by UBerserker



G59 requires EXU2 OPEN BETA v6.00, and UT Patch 436, UT Bonus Pack 4, and Oldskool Amp'd v239, that EXU2 itself includes, in order to run.

G59 is an unofficial EXU2 campaign started from my own mind; Waffnuffly and its Batshit Insane campaign have nothing much to do with this (G59 simply happens many centuries later).

G59 is not a simple ride and you're very quickly taken into intense battles with high-end weapons. I take in consideration that whoever plays this has played Batshit Insane, or at least knows the apocalyptic unknown-made wonders that lie in the EXU packages - meaning weapons, enemies, items, etc.
However, with the new balance changes on the easier difficulties, it is possible to experience G59 from the get-go without much frustration.

Objective is simple: shoot, kill, clear map. You revisit maps from RTNP and the Unreal Beta; for the most part it's all heavily converted maps but since I knew the original levels for years now, my gameplay work has been easier to develop.
Mappack is strongly thematic - hell theme is still there, alongside new and known stuff. Every level always brings something unique from the rest, including puzzles and hard-to-reach secrets. There is also an intricate story, all about survival of the fittest. The Unreal character skin "Bane" is used to represent G59's main character, the Hell Survivor.

G59 is a mod at its core and doesn't present itself as a map-pack for certain reasons (due to more than half of the campaign being based on levels made by Epic Games mappers); the mod is a product of several gameplay ideas I've always imagined to implement somewhere. EXU2 gave me the possibility of doing this and I'm grateful enough to Waffnuffly for having created such an amazing, vast, insane mod.

G59 has been progressively made more accessible throughout patches. Easy mode has been heavily softened for newer players. The atmosphere of the maps is generally nothing you have ever experienced in custom Unreal packs; if you can overcome its crazy gameplay, every Unreal player is welcome to try G59.


  • Sports a 14-maps campaign with UnrealBeta/RTNP heavy conversions and new maps.
  • Multiple level themes, from classic Unreal and Batshit Insane, as well as new ones.
  • A full story-driven experience involving numerous characters and races.
  • A strange and foreboding atmosphere all the way through, featuring horror bits.
  • Generally high difficulty, based on relentless, battle-after-battle style of gameplay.
  • New enemies to fight, as well as new bosses found in almost every map.
  • Various secrets and puzzles that reward the player with new, useful items.
  • Features a long soundtrack of mostly free tracks of ambient and neurofunk genres.
  • A bonus survival arena map available, featuring new powerful entities.
  • The crazy shooting style of EXU2.


  • Artificial Bloodline / Cybernetika
  • Radiating Scapes / Xenofish & Mellow Sonic
  • Gamma Ray Chase / Cybernetika
  • Rise Against Myself / Xenofish
  • Towards The End Of Time / Cybernetika
  • Devoid Of Gravity / Cybernetika
  • Thermal Overload / Cybernetika & Mellow Sonic
  • Blurred Matrix / Xenofish
  • Bio-Magnetic Tunnel Transport / Cybernetika
  • Microchip / Cybernetika
  • Electron Tracker / Cybernetika
  • Radiation Storm / Mark Morgan
  • Desert Wind / Mark Morgan
  • Forged For Battle / Cybernetika
  • Drop Table / Xenofish
  • First Contact / Cybernetika
  • Pulsar / Cybernetika & Xenofish
  • Discharge / Xenofish
  • Sol Nexus / Cybernetika
  • Pillar of equality / Xenofish
  • Monolith / Cybernetika
  • Prismatic Reflection / Cybernetika
  • Last Encounter / Xenofish & Mellow Sonic
  • Fragmented / Cybernetika & Xenofish
  • Neural Grid / Xenofish & Mellow Sonic
  • Skyframe / Xenofish
  • Atropos / Cybernetika
  • Beyond the Surface / Xenofish
  • Caliope / Cybernetika


  • Main package updated with new content.
  • Music list slightly changed and re-tagged, images removed. Recommended to remove the old G59 songlist in your folder before copy-pasting the new one.
  • G59-Sounds.uax has been updated with new custom sounds.
  • The visuals of the MagatsuGuardian's projectiles have been finally fixed.
  • Various creatures that were unused yet before this patch have been either overall buffed or slightly changed.
  • Sin Pillar of Lust's charge increased from 150 to 200.
  • Sin Pillar of Greed's charge decreased from 4 to 2.
  • Sin Pillar of Pride's charge increased from 10000 to 30000.
  • Sin Pillar of Rage's charge decreased from 40 to 7.
  • Drakk texture package updated and finalized.
  • MagatsuTyrants and MagatsuNova will explode upon death, just like how MagatsuTroopers and MagatsuBots do.
  • Killable version of Ghatanothoa (Titan form only) available for multiplayer. His strikes deal 1000 damage points each.
  • Gatekeepers/Naberius death sound has been changed to the regular Gasbag one.

The Ancient Scapes
  • Custom sounds added for the Outerdark Destroyers: ambient noise, projectile shooting and spawning.
  • Added an enormous BlockPlayer actor above the arena, so hopefully you don't get BLASTED into the far mountains (you bump on an invisible ceiling).
  • OuterdarkDestroyer's base health increased from 130000 to 170000.
  • Instead of 25, now only up to 10 OuterdarkDestroyers can spawn in the map.
  • Third enemy wave can now spawn DemonGuardians, Eelhandras and RoyalSkaarjFiends.
  • Music changes to Cybernetika's "Gamma Ray Chase" when the third enemy wave begins to appear.
  • Battle activation glyph graphic has been changed.
  • Modified the skybox color and cloud style to be more streamlined and clear.
  • Third enemy wave can now rarely spawn ThreeHundredthPawn and the FourHundredthPawn.
  • Third enemy wave can now VERY RARELY spawn GateKeepers, BlackKnights and Hellfighters.
  • The underwater item refresher now gives SK6 with two mortar ammo.
  • Turned off high shadow detail settings for terrain textures to avoid graphical crashes.

  • The inner panning textures of the vortex have been fixed (you won't see anymore those stretched white lines).
  • The bridge now looks slightly different and better.
  • Easy difficulty now has 2 less UltraEnergyBags and 10 less BlueBags.

The Limbo
  • The EnergyAR at the beginning of the map starts out with 700 ammo instead of 650 now.
  • The Easy and Medium difficulties only NuclearKeg at the beginning of the map has been removed.
  • The fog lights of the MagnificentArmor glyphs (when activated) have their fog radius decreased for a little bit.
  • The DemonWarlord in the first valley now appears always in all difficulties. He also drops a MiniKeg now instead of a FuckerCola.
  • The FirePolices in the first valley are now Coop-only - they'll always appear though, in any difficulty.
  • The MiniPulseBrutes in the first valley have been removed.
  • Few remaining InvisibleMiniBrutes (arrow/grenade types) have been removed.
  • The RocketTentacle in the first valley's tower ceiling has been replaced by a DemonTentacle one, who only appears on Unreal difficulty.
  • The SkaarjFiend in the third valley that's Hard difficulty only now appears on Medium difficulty too.
  • All the Fire/Hyper Krall in the third valley have been removed.
  • Removed a DemonFucker in the third valley (the lone one hiding behind the tall rock).
  • The Unreal-difficulty GigaDemonGasbag now has spawning effects.
  • Hard/Unreal difficulty's bridge fight now has MercenarySkaarj replaced by AssholeSkaarj with lower odds of appearance (from 7 to 6).
  • Agidynes spawning in the bridge fight on higher difficulties (Hard/Unreal) have their odds of appearance lowered (from 4 to 3).
  • The hole which connects the bridge floor to the final area is now closed with a grate, so you can't translocate through it anymore.
  • Second valley has now an access slope, a very rough one. Be careful when you're on it during fights.
  • Due to the addition of the slope, the enemies that spawn when you get the ArmorSeed in the second valley's tower appear in different spots.
  • Added a few new build details.
  • Naberius' boss sequence begins slightly much later now after killing the DemonJuggernaut (you wait now 25 seconds rather than 10).
  • Various fixes to translator messages.
  • All the pre-placed Chargers in the map now have 5000 HP instead of 9000 HP.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • In Coop mode you won't respawn with EXUThighPads but you'll start with 600 HP instead of the default 300 HP.
  • The DemonTentacles hidden at the top of both towers now appear on Hard difficulty too instead of Unreal only.
  • The second tower's ArmorSeed ambush now has 2 DemonSkaarj instead of 6 on Easy difficulty.
  • The DemonJuggernaut on Easy/Medium/Hard difficulties has his health lowered from 7500 to 6000.
  • Possibly fixed a bug where the golden flute would be moved around for some reason.
  • An Unreal only SkaarjFiend (the first one you meet) has been removed. You'll face instead up to three DemonSkaarj like in other difficulties.
  • The blood in the sewer tunnel is now a proper water zone.

  • A ShadowBrood now spawns somewhere after you cross the outer courtyard to get the CombatBoots and return to the doorway.
  • The "fake" shadows you see in the first area will disappear once the first wave of real Shadows pops up.
  • For the first Tachyon secret, all related blood decals emanate a dark red glow that act as a "guide".
  • For the second Tachyon secret, panels across the map that will receive ammo are marked by a Hell circle (including the activation panel itself).
  • Fixed some invisible brushes in the second floor of the area with the broken pipe.
  • One BigShadowSkaarj in the large "U-shaped" area has its odds of appearances increased from 20% to 45%. Appears on all difficulties except Easy.
  • One BigShadowSkaarj in the large "U-shaped" area now appears on all difficulties except Easy.
  • Two ShadowBroods that were Coop-only now appear in Single Player too, in all difficulties.
  • Four BigShadowSkaarj removed.
  • One BigShadowSkaarj in the later parts of the map now almost always appear (odds of appearance increased from 33% to 90%).
  • The random Tsathoggua encounters now occur in Medium difficulty too. They're based on the Hard counterparts, with the same odds of appearance.
  • The Shadow groups that can appear in the first areas when you reach a certain point in the level are now activated by the second Tachyon secret.
  • The BigShadowSkaarj that appear in previous areas upon activating the second Tachyon secret now spawn after every 40 seconds instead of 20.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • The last Shadow wave of the map (the one in the final elevator) now plays the typical Shadow ambush sound instead of a laugh.
  • Any thrown Translocator disc will be forcibly returned once the Hastur spawn event begins.
  • The first translator log has been moved a bit away from the nearby panel (you could hit both messsages really easily before).

The Hyper Boundary Gate
  • All types of mini Brutes have been removed.
  • BioApocalypseSpinners have been added on Hard and Unreal difficulties. They're much weaker than their default EXU counterparts.
  • Added seven Tachyon ammo somewhere in the map.
  • Replaced the DemonSaturationFlare with a ShockBurstFlare (and it appears on Unreal difficulty as well).
  • Added a translator log in the boss arena, next to the light activation panel.
  • Added three ShockTroopers and one ShockCommando in the boss arena (the latter pawn appears on Hard and Unreal difficulties only).
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • In Coop mode you'll start with 600 HP instead of the default 300 HP.
  • Some very small improvements to the build done.
  • Four RocketTentacles have been filtered out of Easy difficulty.
  • The BeamTentacle has been filtered out of Easy difficulty, but his odds of appearance have been slightly increased.
  • Both Morax versions have their default health changed to 175000 (SP) and 350000 (Coop).
  • The two inner rectangular-shaped pillars in Morax's arena have now windows in them, so you can see what's happening beyond with the boss.
  • Various fixes to translator messages.
  • Removed the four RocketTentacles at the end of the map.
  • Changed the placement of some crates in Morax's arena, they would get Morax stuck in some place most of the time.
  • Added two more PlasmaPacks in Morax's arena.
  • None of the Watchers spawn AdvancedDemonKrallElites anymore.
  • Extractor's zoom will now read the mysterious creature's name as "???" instead of his true, spoiler-ish one.

Perditus Paradisus
  • Changed the color of some sky-related lights (what was purple is now orange).
  • The Coop RFPC/Clusterfucker pickup duo in the valley now appears next to all valley's checkpoints rather than the location's entrance one only.
  • Fix to a translator message; the first one wrongly had a reference to "humans", they haven't set foot on the planet for ages in the G59 timeline.
  • Added a new mini-location at the beginning of the level. Contains items and new enemies named Eelhandra.
  • Added some new brushes (including the wall seen in CA-AncientScapes) and changed some textures.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers and 700 HP instead of the default 300 HP.
  • The EMD (Cryox)'s terrible side entrance has been completely replaced by a single direct passage.
  • The skybox has been slightly improved.
  • The LavaTitans and the Archdemon have their SightRadius lowered, so you can walk around the big valley with less worries.
  • The ICBM decorations now have working collisions; you could run through them beforehand.
  • Removed the Invisibility.
  • Removed the explosive MiniKeg in the Tonatiuh scanner area.

  • The corridor with the panels that leads to the "tri-cores" section has been widened.
  • The aforementioned corridor's enhanced HyperBrute and HellBots have their placements slightly changed.
  • Always in the same location, a coop-only enhanced HyperBrute is now available in single player, all difficulties.
  • Near the aforementioned area there's a new small room. Some items have been moved in, plus some items and enemies have been placed inside.
  • The three doors in the first section of the map now open faster.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • Several fixes to translator messages.
  • All the bigger HyperBrutes in the map (so not the ones grouped in the three core rooms) have higher mass and shouldn't wander around anymore.
  • Some zones on the way to the Commander Moowis' room are now much less dark.
  • The spawning section where Demons appear in the second core chamber during their assault against you is now marked with large Hell glyphs.
  • Removed the MagicArmorSeed in the weapon tower section.
  • Removed a TachyonDriver.
  • Removed two Tachyon ammo.
  • Two CombatSeeds that were dropped by HyperMercenaries have been removed.
  • None of the Hyper enemies drop EnergizerBalls anymore.
  • The command panel that unlocks tunnel 3 now makes a sound when you trigger it.
  • Various message glyphs are now much more visible.
  • The red alarm lights that are on during the Demon assault battle pulse at a slower rate now (they were quite annoying to the eyes).
  • The EMD NuclearSlith have their melee range increased and also their melee power massively buffed. Should be impossible swimming through them now.

  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • Added two more bloody hints for the puzzle at the beginning of the level.
  • The secret Shadow enemy in Coop mode has his health increased from 40000 to 100000.
  • You have now 900 seconds instead of 1600 to find everything you want in the valley before BigShadowSkaarj begin to spawn everywhere.
  • The grate lever should now work all the time, there's now a six seconds re-trigger delay.
  • The three BigShadowSkaarj you encounter (NOT the ones inside the long corridor) now appear on Hard and Unreal difficulties only, on Medium no more.

Holy Mausoleum of Exusia
  • The small breakable wall in the first section of the map (Saint world) is now illuminated (on the side where you break it).
  • The door between the first section of the map and the Soul Ritual chamber (Saint world) will be unlocked once you exit the first dark section.
  • Soul Ritual chamber (Saint world) now has doors for the side corridors.
  • Other than as a translator message, the fountain code is now also displayed as a broadcasted message. This means it's saved in your system log forever.
  • Berith has now 10000 less health in all modes (160000/230000/320000 to 150000/220000/310000).
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • Several fixes to translator messages.
  • Some texture changes in the Shadow world.
  • In the Shadow world, you can now teleport through the bars that lead to the side corridors of the Soul Ritual chamber (the ones without the candles).
  • New area added in one of the side corridors of the Soul Ritual chamber: The Sanctuary of Safety (both worlds accessible). Has items and enemies.
  • Removed the MagicArmorSeed at the beginning of the map.
  • The shootable button to unlock the very first door now glows, so you can figure out what to do there.
  • Removed the boss arena's Hellbook appearing in the same spot in the Shadow world. Not sure how it got there.
  • Fixed some collision issues on the very top of the Great Column area.
  • Added two Tachyon ammo in the Shadow world.
  • Aside possible exceptions, a player will get his thrown Translocator disc forcibly returned if he travels between Saint and Shadow world.
  • Fixed the CreatureFactories in the Shadow version of the Great Column area, they would get accidentally triggered by touching them.
  • Removed the BlockMonster actor in the Shadow version of the Great Column area. Shouldn't have been there anymore.
  • Few lighting changes.

  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers and 900 HP instead of the default 300 HP.
  • Various fixes to translator messages.
  • 50 additional ShadowSquids (in their own ambush) will spawn in Coop mode.
  • The big thing now "welcomes" you as soon as you get out of the starting point.
  • Ghatanothoa's pathing improved.
  • You can now access again the Aztec entrance (the small hole in the pit next to Ghatanothoa, for those who didn't play the Unreal beta).

Nephesh Ruah
  • Added a set of semi-secret optional areas with new info and some additional items in the first section of the map.
  • At the beginning of the level a message prompt will suggest players that the HellGun will be completely useless from now and on (throw it away).
  • Extractor's zoom will now read the mysterious creature's name as "???" instead of his true, spoiler-ish one.
  • Strangely there were three duplicates of the EXMapInfo in the map. All of them removed, only the original one remains.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • Various fixes to translator messages.
  • Various build improvements. Magatsu have still zero sense of fashion.
  • When a MagatsuQueen is ready to spawn, there will be a very bright foggy light around the spawnpoint instead of a giant pentagram. It worked badly.
  • First Magatsu battle: in all non-coop difficulties, the max amount of Dactyls that can appear is 50 instead of a different amount per difficulty.
  • First Magatsu battle: in Coop, Dactyls spawn more than twice as fast (from 1.5 to 0.5 seconds).
  • First Magatsu battle: amount of enemies is now 125 on Easy; alternate MagatsuBots spawning don't spawn in Medium; amount of enemies is now 175 on Hard.
  • First Magatsu battle: enemies now spawn every two seconds in all difficulties (Easy and Medium enemies spawned every 1.5 seconds).
  • First Magatsu battle: Eris #1's base health has been increased from 15000 to 20000; Coop version's base health has been increased from 90000 to 100000.
  • Second Magatsu battle: KrallSwarmLeader ambushes from the secret doors occur earlier. Rest of the enemies also begin to spawn earlier and FASTER.
  • Second Magatsu battle: Eris #2's base health in non-coop mode has been increased from 27000 to 30000.
  • Second Magatsu battle: no more spawning MagatsuGassius on Unreal difficulty (so, none at all).
  • Third Magatsu battle: MagatsuAssassins will now spawn on Hard and Unreal difficulties as well.
  • Third Magatsu battle: increased the chances of MagatsuGassius appearing on Unreal difficulty (as they appear on that difficulty only).
  • Third Magatsu battle: Eris #3's base health has been increased from 20000 to 25000. Coop version's base health has been increased from 100000 to 110000.
  • The player who turns on the Magatsu lecture (just as you reach the center of the lecture room) will have its translocator disc forcibly returned.
  • The small secret area in the corridor before the last room with enemies has been completely removed, including the two EARAmmo packs.
  • The door to the last room with enemies (same one as the point above) now opens faster (around one second instead of four).
  • Removed two FusionFlares.
  • Removed a lot of BloodBoxes.
  • Changed the placement of a MunitionFlare.
  • Added special sounds for the beginning of the Magatsu lecturing event and for when you read the message in the Queen's shrine.
  • Various EARAmmo packs have been removed.
  • Almost all items in the entire map got their placement reshuffled. Now they're grouped instead of being placed with a "Deathmatch map" mentality.
  • Translocator disc is forcibly returned for the player who triggers the DactylCore ambush in the cave where they are first met.
  • Translocator disc is forcibly returned for the first player who access the secret mirror room.
  • MagatsuStalkers have now slightly higher melee range and smaller collision radius.
  • Tops of the glass cages containing the MagatsuQueen statues are now blocked.
  • A HyperFlakker ammo that was available only on Easy and Medium difficulty is now available instead on Hard and Unreal ones.
  • The entrance to the third MagatsuQueen area is now slightly larger, so more enemies can fit through.
  • Two MagatsuTroopers (area directly after the third MagatsuQueen) that were Coop-only now appear on Single Player, Unreal difficulty only.
  • Ambient music will now stop in key moments that are close to the activation of each Magatsu big battle.
  • Removed the explosive MiniKeg in one of the secret areas.

Dementia Praecox
  • The giant MagatsuGassius are now unique instead of being modified regular ones. They spawn the normal Gassius much more frequently as well.
  • Malsum's spawning point has been changed a bit, so both the player and the boss can spot each other better.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • In Coop mode you won't spawn with an EXUShieldBelt anymore, however you'll spawn with 600 HP instead of 400.
  • One MagicArmorSeed added at the beginning of the map, for Easy and Medium difficulties only.
  • Improved build for various parts of the map.
  • Several fixes to translator messages.
  • The two MagatsuAssassins right at the beginning of the map have been moved away from the door.
  • All MagatsuStalkers have been removed.
  • Added four Shotty ammo boxes.
  • Added two PlasmaPacks.
  • Added one ClusterPack.
  • New enemy: MagatsuSentinels. They are the Spinner variant of the race. Very durable and like to bomb you with explosive red mortar orbs.
  • MagatsuSentinels will replace some major enemies, like MagatsuGuardians. They appear in all difficulties.
  • Various MagatsuGuardian and some MagatsuTroopers have been filtered out from Easy difficulty, some of them from Medium and Hard too.
  • Added three more Tachyon ammo at the beginning of the map and another one in the Ibris tower's armory room.
  • The area with the Dark Dactyl Chambers is locked until you activate three panels in new outposts scattered in the map. New items and enemies imbound.
  • The MagatsuBot ambushes (except the one that occurs after you unlock the security guardpost) now have more spawning units in Coop.
  • Moved a ClustershockFlare hidden in the area with the fourth red crystal in a more visible position (exactly near the fourth crystal itself).
  • Added a second ClustershockFlare exactly next to the aforementioned other one.
  • The outer area with the fourth red crystal is now enclosed by walls, instead of invisible barriers (which are still there against translocator tricks).
  • Panels that activate access to important areas will now kill any thrown translocator disc once they are triggered.
  • Slightly reworked the Ibris access' guardpost area, both its entrance and part of the interior. Some minor item/enemy changes have been done too.
  • Upon unlocking the Ibris tower's elevator, you'll fight more big enemies on the way back.
  • The creature factory actors that are activated after turning on the Ibris elevator now work on Unreal difficulty and Coop mode.
  • A MagatsuGassiusCORE now appears in the Ibris tower' armory room, Unreal difficulty only.
  • Ibris tower's MissileBackpack charge has been decreased from 1000 to 500.
  • After you operate the panel in the Ibris tower, you'll be ambushed by surprising guests.
  • Like with the most important access panels, translocator discs will be returned when the portal is crossed. There are multiple trigger checks.
  • Removed the NuclearKeg at the end of the map.
  • The Hard version of Malsum is now the same as the Unreal difficulty one instead of the Easy and Medium variants.
  • Malsum health in Unreal and Hard difficulties increased from 90000 to 100000; Medium and Easy difficulties' one increased from 65000 to 70000.
  • After the secret is resolved, the white fog lights will be deactivated shortly after. They increased chances of game crash.
  • The Ibris tower's elevator panel, the one at the top, will be activated once you unlock the portal (so you can't return down until then).
  • Removed a BloodBox.
  • Removed the EXUKeg in the temple entrance area.

Discord of Aliquam
  • Updated the exit teleport's map target.
  • Map skybox is now the same one from the previous two maps. Few light actors in the map have been modified accordingly.
  • Various fixes to translator messages.
  • In Coop mode you now always respawn with double Piddledopers.
  • The red circular church windows are now translucent so you can now see the skybox through them.
  • The FirestormGenerator has been moved from the first room to the last church area. Serves as a better hint on why the item is in this map.
  • New translator messages added.
  • Added few more MagatsuKrakens (Tentacles) in the church areas.
  • Added a new small section accessible in the room on the left hand side, in the entrance hall. Enemies waiting inside.
  • The aforementioned area is mandatory as it contains a panel which unlocks the access the last church area (the door to the latter starts up closed).
  • The FrostArmor found in the first part of the map is moved to this new area.
  • Next to the FrostArmor's new placement, three Shotty ammo boxes and a MiniKeg have been added.
  • For this newly added area, there's a new set of Coop checkpoints that will turn on after you trigger the access panel there.
  • MagatsuStalkers will now spawn after pressing the aforementioned panel, instead of touching the old FrostArmor placement's trigger.
  • Other than more MagatsuStalkers spawning in the aforementioned ambush, there will be also MagatsuSentinels on the way.
  • This MagatsuStalker + MagatsuSentinel ambush, upon activation, will return any thrown Translocator disc.
  • Pathing for the church areas done.
  • Added four Tachyon ammo in the last church area.
  • Max amount of spawning MagatsuTyrants (Titans) lowered from 24 to 20. Also only up to 2 they can spawn in the map instead of 3.
  • Max amount of spawning MagatsuNova (Warlods) lowered from 36 to 24. Also only up to 2 they can spawn in the map instead of 4.
  • UltraBelt's charge decreased from 13000 to 10000.
  • Removed the EAR, the ShitGun and the HyperFlakker in the last section of the map.
  • Added a FusionFlare, a BackpackMissile and a ScreamerMissileLauncher (not in Coop) in the last section of the map.
  • MagatsuQueens have a more noticeable spawn effect.
  • Slightly improvements the build of the arena.
  • Removed the MunitionFlare at the beginning of the map.
  • MagatsuQueens' spawning delay time has been increased from 7 to 15 (this means each Queen might randomly take more time to pop into the arena).
  • MagatsuQueens' base health in Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties (non-Coop) has been increased from 50000 to 60000.
  • Translocator disc will be returned the instant the MagatsuQueen spawn event is triggered (there was a 1.5 seconds delay beforehand).

The Elder Abyss Champions
  • New map added.

Kingdom of Yaksha ~Verflucht Demon Legion~
  • New map added.

One Amongst Superiors
  • New map added, plus ending.


Centuries have passed and Na Pali looks nothing like it was before.

The whole planet is now filled with creatures of every alien kind, swarming over territories and modifying the environments at their own will. They like to be called Demons. And they like to call their planet Hell. Nobody knows how this possibly happened but going to the past is impossible; so, who cares?

Demons are divided into clans, either of different rank or element. Opposing them are the Saints, ethereal beings that have come from the skies. Battles between Demons and Saint are usual but more common are battles between Demon clans for conquering territories.

One of these clans was known under the name of GALGALIM. These blue, energy-based Demons, with their powerful leader, managed to bring order in Hell. One day though, they disappeared. The GALGALIM managed however to complete their peacekeeping job and the current King of Demons, named BaalBerith, was given responsibility to continue what the energetic entities achieved.

All fine, right?

One day, parts of Hell were swallowed by something which looked like a moving black cloud composed of organic beings. Demons defined them as Shadows; Saints suffered immensely by this invasion.

Chaos ensued again; Demons fighting other Demons to conquer more territories possible, escaping from the walking black hole. The strongest ones managed to survive but will the greatest Demon clans be able to stop this collective of eldritch entities?

In the meanwhile, a human survivor is running amok throughout the wasteland. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of this new ongoing chaos and the only thing he can do now is to survive against enraged monsters and find a proper objective. Which position will he take? Driving the Hell into a never-ending abyss, or actually managing to fix up things?

However, seeing corpses that look like him and a certain Demon leader who is aware of his future actions, something is not truly right.


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The Ancient Scapes


Before Perditus Paradisus existed, there were the Ancient Scapes.
A land of honorable Demon guardians where the strongest heroes tested their powers against rebellious creatures. Those who were to succeed could take the land for themselves, rejuvenating in the crystalline waters.

If they were to fail, they had to withstand deadly punishment from the stars - creatures deemed Destroyers coming from the borders of the universe that knew no mercy. Annihilation to the useless beings was the only thought in the highly intelligent minds of these aliens.

Do not die. The sentinels from the Outerworld are watching upon you.


The Commentary



Finally, a bit of history regarding the production of G59's campaign. The document explains the background of all campaign's maps; includes minor explanations on some trivia and mentions on cut content.

Story spoilers are of course in, you are warned.




Veteran sci-fi music producers Cybernetika (Lars Goossens) and Xenofish (Christian Becker), both from Germany, hereby introduce their collaborative project, Cryomatter, with a self-titled debut album from Ektoplazm. Featuring a multi-dimensional exploration of many different musical genres, the album tells the story of an alien form of matter threatening the integrity of our universe itself..

“On the far side of the galaxy, inside a frozen nebula, a new form of raw crystalline matter revealed itself to the human eye. This cryomatter, as we named it, entered our dimension through a quantum rift. It was discovered that this strange substance was designed to eliminate all movement and progress, to put the universe into stasis and to collapse time itself.

Before the stasis began a small team of scientists managed to escape through the rift where they discovered a world beyond their comprehension. Isolated from the effects of the cryomatter, they discovered its source and the powers that control it. In their desperate search for a way to reverse the effect, they managed to find a way to banish the cryomatter and end the stasis.

Through millions of dimensional rifts, this so-called anti-cryomatter was released into our universe…”

All tracks written and produced by Cybernetika (Lars Goossens) and Xenofish (Christian Becker). Track 3 and 4 written and produced by Cybernetika. Track 7 and 8 written and produced by Xenofish. Mastering and artwork by Xenofish.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 00:38
by Buff Skeleton
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn I think I'm gonna restart from scratch for this!

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 01:25
by UBerserker
Added a google drive mirror provided by Waffnuffly, thanks!

It's a bit late now, tomorrow I'll talk about one or two things about this new version. Actually took three weeks to put it together.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 06:16
Isn't this the v6.01?

Oh wait, now this is a v6.02?

I am still in the v6.00... dang, i must kill the Eris Queens quickly to restart G59 again.

BTW, isn't that morax swimming in the image? :P


Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 09 Apr 2016, 12:25
by UBerserker
It's technically 6.02 but I wanted to mark it as a "new start" of sorts.

Perditus had its sky changed several times. First it was truly yellow gold, then it became dark gold, then in one patch it was changed to sunset but I wasn't happy enough with it so I reverted it back to orange/midday. Then I finally decided for the aqua night sky that you see now and I'm pretty happy with it; it also increases visibility a lot.

Map 9 is definitely my favorite map of the bunch. Not too long and all the fights are really intense and you got to think fast otherwise you get overwhelmed. The third Queen is really strong.

Map 10 is on the very hard side at the moment (on Hard and Unreal difficulties only though), mostly generally because it's new and no one will be used to it yet. Be careful at the Gasbags because each one is a quick ticket to game over. EAR's secondary can snipe-kill them but on Unreal difficulty there are few really tough big ones that require Gaskill Flares and Tachyon beams. It's really satisfying though getting through Map 10 however, the outdoor theme is pretty fresh.

Map 11 - I rushed it quite a lot even though it's for a boss battle only and it'll stay like that (Map 11 first planned to be a Soledad conversion but I didn't want a second Haereticus). I didn't have a good plan for the boss aren but I like the set up to it. The final battle's difficulty will be nerfed once Map 12 will get in. Taking a long break from the editor now however.

I really hope a lot of people play this pack.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 00:27
Okay, i will download this version and start without using savegames and playing in Unreal difficulty. :)

Time to kick Tonatiuh's ass again!

Oh seriously, i don't like savegames, i always want to not get damage, this is what happens to me... lots of armor, i also had more at the end of the map but i'm lazy to take a screenshot.

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Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 03:42
by MrLoathsome
It is up and running on my dedicated EXU server.

I had to pull all the EXU/G59 maps off the Ecoop servers as
I have them running in Unreal difficulty, and the new EXU maps are
just too much for the server at that level.
(The AKcoop/Ecoop server is using the new EXU guns and items.)

Have the dedicated EXU server locked in at Medium difficulty, which seems
to be working well.

Only made it halfway thru the second map of this new G59 release so far....
Liking what I see so far.

People will be playing it soon.
Just the other day, I had 5 players on the exu server for almost 2 hours.
That is pretty good these days I think. They will be back.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 06:44
I spoiled myself a bit too much in your Server, Loathsome.
Oh, Sadly Tonatiuh's event broke and the boss never spawned.

About my progress in SP, i started again, i completed the first map, i killed Naberius, and everything took me 3 attempts without a save game, not bad. :)

Wow, Morax battle is amazing now!

Perditus Paradisus looks unbelievably beautiful!!!!
I love it!
Great work, keep going sir!
Well done!
I have no words!

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 14:15
by UBerserker
FXANBSS wrote:Oh, Sadly Tonatiuh's event broke and the boss never spawned.

That is weird. It works fine on all difficulties (I tested) but not sure why not on Coop considering it uses the same exact events and nothing is filtered. Might have been a one-time bug.

EDIT: (unrelated) oops the collision values for Tonatiuh in lower difficulties are quite wrong. Next time I'll also set up some pathnodes for him too.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 17:33
by UBerserker
MrLoathsome wrote:It is up and running on my dedicated EXU server.

I had to pull all the EXU/G59 maps off the Ecoop servers as
I have them running in Unreal difficulty, and the new EXU maps are
just too much for the server at that level.
(The AKcoop/Ecoop server is using the new EXU guns and items.)

Have the dedicated EXU server locked in at Medium difficulty, which seems
to be working well.

Only made it halfway thru the second map of this new G59 release so far....
Liking what I see so far.

People will be playing it soon.
Just the other day, I had 5 players on the exu server for almost 2 hours.
That is pretty good these days I think. They will be back.

Hey, tried to join the server today but I got some RMusicPlayer mismatches.

Can't even join the ecoop one... mismatches again (K_General.utx what's going on? must be a bug on me)

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 20:01
Yeah, i've found some problems with Tonatiuh, his size changes when you increase his health (Only in UED, when you set his health higher, in-game doesn't seem to change if you shot him with Tachyon, lol idk why tachyon increases his health, a bit ridiculous. :P Make it resistant at least but not heal.)

I know there is some UltraBag script in there, what about delete any DrawScale and Collision related? That should fix it, because i've done it before with a custom tonatiuh. (I play a lot with UED, so yeah.)

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 20:16
by UBerserker
Yes that might be the reason why Tonatiuh has that size issue. On Unreal difficulty is fine. Should be easy to fix anyway.

And no, Tachyon heals him! He's made of that energy and is the only boss to have this feature. This is to encourage players to use more the Backpack Missile + Clusterfucker against him and the monsters he summon instead of going to the cheap Tachyon blast route to clear everything. Technically the latter strategy it's still viable as long as Tonatiuh is far away from you which is rather common.

I'm not happy about this new attack, not as effective as I hoped but if you ever EVER get it that's a lot of fucking damage. I might probably boost the beam's damage very highly (to 1000 I guess) to make up for its shitty accuracy.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 21:14
by UBerserker
So I've been trying to get the old version of map 12 (Yaksha/RTNPNALIC) to run on an older version of EXU2 and I managed to do it... but holy fuck. It's so much of a mess right now. No way that I'm going to get back to it - I'll redesign it from scratch but still applying the same skybox.

The problem is how ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE the geometry quality of the map is. Holy shit I thought Neve was bad but EFNP's terrain is completely broken.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 10 Apr 2016, 23:42
Try to not release the last map too soon, because if you release it, then the next versions, well, not much people will play it, because there will be nothing more interesting than just fixing bugs or something else.

Re: <EXU2> "G59 -RevolveR-"

Posted: 11 Apr 2016, 00:04
by UBerserker
Nah, Map 12 isn't coming anywhere soon at this point, I might probably wait EXU2 v7 or something even. Besides, Map 12 isn't even the last one (though it would be in terms of impact).

I'm just speechless at how really awful the RTNP castle map is in the editor.